Deja Foxx
Dazed 100Deja Foxx is the teenager fighting for reproductive rights
Sinéad O'Dwyer Dazed 100 2019 fashion designer
Dazed 100Sinéad O’Dwyer is the graduate disrupting the fashion system
Room for Rebellion
Dazed 100Room For Rebellion: activists dancing for abortion rights
Dazed 100Sherelle: the DJ known for her earth-shattering 160 BPM sets
Lil Nas X
Dazed 100Lil Nas X is the rap star who shot to fame at lightspeed
Nathan Westling
Dazed 100Nathan Westling is reintroducing his true self to fashion
Dazed 100Kerwin Frost is the DJ slash street style star to know
Sylvie Macmillan
Dazed 100Nail artist Sylvie Macmillan puts manicures first in fashion
Mona Tougaard
Dazed 100Prada-approved model Mona Tougaard is just getting started
Dazed 100CHAI is the Japanese girl group rejecting ‘kawaii’
Dazed 100Model Kerolyn is the Prada-approved new face from Brazil
Blair Imani Dazed 100
Dazed 100Author Blair Imani is a voice for marginalised identities
Daniel Sällström
Dazed 100Daniel Sällström creates beauty looks for femmes and freaks
wekafore jibril designer lagos nigeria barcelona
Dazed 100Wekaforé Jibril is the name pushing modern African fashion
aweng chuol model south sudan
Dazed 100South Sudanese beauty Aweng is the model with a voice
Dazed 100MeLoveMeAlot is the digital artist making beauty bizarre
Chella Man Dazed 100
Dazed 100Queer model Chella Man is the multihyphenate to watch
Dazed 100Travis Alabanza wants marginalised identities seen and heard
Aaron Philip
Dazed 100Aaron Philip is the trans, disabled model making history
Benjamin Milan
Dazed 100Benjamin Milan is Westwood & twigs-approved choreographer
Hunter Schafer
Dazed 100Model-turned-actress Hunter Schafer is set for stardom
Raisa Flowers
Dazed 100Raisa Flowers champions women of colour via her beauty looks
Akà-Prodiàshvili fashion designer Dazed 100 2019
Dazed 100Aka Prodiàshvili is the Georgian designer celebrating camp
Dazed 100Ugbad is the hijabi model making waves in fashion