Art & PhotographyThe first book to extensively document African surfers and their culture
The Time We Call Our Own
Art & PhotographyThis exhibition celebrates global party scenes and shared escapism
Towards Utopia
Art & PhotographyThe new initiative raising money for Black trans people and sex workers
Magnum Artists: Great Photographers Meet Great Artists
Art & PhotographyThis new book documents encounters between great artists and photographers
Momo Okabe
Art & PhotographyMomo Okabe’s new book documents the insemination and birth of her child
Nicole Tersigni’s Men to Avoid in Art and Life
Art & PhotographyThis handy new book tells you which men to avoid in art and life
Frida Kahlo, “The Little Deer” (1946)
Art & PhotographyThis new exhibition celebrates the women of the surrealist movement
Monica Kim Garza
Art & PhotographyArtist Monica Kim Garza explores isolation and a yearning for togetherness
“Imitation Lesson; Her Shadowed Influence” (2019)
Art & PhotographyArtist Toyin Ojih Odutola imagines a world ruled by powerful women
Ari Marcopoulos. Conrad McRae Youth League Tournament
Art & PhotographyAri Marcopoulos captures the camaraderie of Brooklyn’s young basketballers
Jeff Mermelstein’s #nyc
Art & PhotographyThis photographer snaps the intimate texts of strangers on the NYC streets
Tarot: A Visual History, Taschen 2020
Art & PhotographyThis new book looks at the iconic art of the tarot card throughout the ages
Art & PhotographyRarely seen Peter Hujar photographs feature in this online exhibition
Arielle Bobb-Willis, “Austin” (2020)
Art & PhotographyBuy one of these £100 photo prints to give funds to Black British charities
Chus & Greg’s Quaranteen
Art & PhotographyThis photo project shows the enduring optimism of teens, even in quarantine
MIEN by TRNK Editions
Art & PhotographyThis online show celebrates and sells prints by queer artists of colour
Emily Soto isolation lockdown model portraits
FashionThese intimate model portraits offer a snapshot of life in lockdown
Justine Kurland’s Girl Pictures
Art & PhotographyPhotos of rebellious teen girls in the 90s and 00s exploring wild America
Jamel Shabazz, City Metro
Art & PhotographyJamel Shabazz’s joyful pictures of the New York City subway
Sophie Wedgwood’s Converse zine 2020
Art & PhotographyPhotographer Sophie Wedgwood brings young London together for a zine
CSM Portraits
FashionIntimate portraits of Saint Martins’ wild and wonderful young talents
A tribute to the chain-wearing men (and women)
FashionA tribute to the chain-wearing men who came before Connell
Josh Aronson, Tropicana
Art & PhotographyThese photographs depict the gentle and free spirited youth of Florida
Alina van Ryzin’s Bryn Mawr
Art & PhotographyThese photos are an intimate look inside a historic all-women’s college