Vokseværk, Mads Joakim Rimer Rasmussen (2022)
Art & PhotographyPhotos that capture the white-hot heat of adolescence
3. Edgar. Photography_ Cássia Tabatini
Art & PhotographyThis dreamy photo book reimagines divine beings
On The Dance Floor: Spinning Out On Screen (2022)
Art & PhotographyExploring the most memorable dance floors in the history of film
Anna Tangles, Driven By Change (2022)
Art & PhotographyMeet Anna Tangles, the artist animating the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix 2022
The Bawdy Yawdy Ball by Silva Prodigy, Stockholm (
Art & PhotographyA photographer’s journey through the Scandinavian ballroom scene
Fumi Nagasaka, Marching Wolves (2022)
Art & PhotographyCute portraits of Louisiana’s marching band teens
Bodybuilders_Laura Bowels
Art & PhotographyIn pictures: the alien ‘bodybuilders’ haunting the UK underground
Tony Davis- TD0034
MusicSacred Spaces: rare archive photos from the golden age of rave
Marc Valleé, Jamie and Lloyd (1998)
Art & PhotographyMarc Vallée’s hedonistic photos of 90s queer London
Art & PhotographyIn pictures: a Ghanaian photographer’s lifelong obsession with twins
Nur Casadevall, Grey (2022)
Art & PhotographyThis film celebrates Nike Forward, the sustainable future of sportswear
Susu indonesia feminist
Art & PhotographyThe zine honouring Indonesia’s unsung feminist heroes
Driven By Change – Mexico Grand Prix
Art & PhotographyThe artist capturing the heritage of Vuse and the McLaren Formula 1 Team
 Harminder Judge, “Self Portrait (after Kali & Gene)” (2009)
Art & PhotographyThe Horror Show! reveals the darkest corners of Britain’s cultural psyche
Blue Kizozo, “1 Corinthians 13:7”
Art & PhotographyThese photos are an exorcism of Catholic guilt
Elea Jeanne Schmitter, “Fasten” (2020)
Art & PhotographyThis exhibition pays tribute to riotous women artists
Felipe Orellana. “Javier”
Art & PhotographyEmbrace the femme: Beautiful portraits of young queer men
Sin Wai Kin, A Dream of Wholeness in Parts still (2021)
Art & PhotographyBoy bands are up against the apocalypse at the 2022 Turner Prize
Johana Kasalicka
Art & PhotographyCandid photos of Eastern European youth in London
Stella Asia Consonni, Dear Dad (2022)
Art & PhotographyThese photos are a sweet ode to New York fatherhood
Rene Matić, “VE Day, Skegness III” (2020)
Art & PhotographyLondon artist Rene Matić is subverting white skinhead culture
Heather Glazzard, Tender & Masculine (2022)
Art & PhotographyThis show interrogates the construct of masculinity
From the Volcano to the Sea: Part II Le Nemesiache
Art & PhotographyPhotos of Italy’s revolutionary 70s feminist group Le Nemesiache
Elijah Thomas, The Rhondda in Colour (2022)
Art & PhotographyThis zine is a love letter to the unique culture of Welsh Valleys