Mother’s Day drag families
Drag queens and artists celebrate what family means to themMother’s Day drag families
Dating during coronavirus, Love is Blind
How people are getting creative with dating during social distancingDating during coronavirus, Love is Blind
Podcast to listen to in March
The podcasts for every mood you’ll feel in self-isolationPodcast to listen to in March
Endometriosis 3
Feature‘Like Avon but for CBD’: the endometriosis sufferers propping up CBD MLMs

A new strain of multi-level marketing schemes is infiltrating the blossoming CBD industry, with chronic pain sufferers in their ranks

Tanya Corrin and Josh Harris, We Live in Public
Under The InfluenceThe 00s cam girl who livestreamed every second of her life

Sex, showering, breaking up: Tanya Corrin and her boyfriend Josh Harris set up cameras all over their apartment for an internet project that pre-empted everything from influencer culture to digital sex work and reality TV

NewsHow to get Another Man’s Jake Gyllenhaal-fronted issue for free

Guest edited by Jo-Ann Furniss, the Summer/Autumn 2020 issue of Another Man will be available to access digitally – for the first time in the history of the magazine

Arielle Charnas
NewsInfluencer tests positive for COVID-19, then posts a picture outside

Arielle Charnas has faced backlash for going outdoors soon after revealing she had coronavirus

abortion pills coronavirus
NewsWomen in England can now access abortion pills at home during quarantine

New legislation allows temporary access to abortion pills, but campaigners are asking why this doesn’t apply to Northern Ireland

Medical scrubs, MedFetUk
NewsA fetishwear supplier donates scrubs to an NHS hospital amid coronavirus

The company, MedFetUK, has also denounced the government’s ‘chronic underfunding’ of the National Health Service in the years leading up to the pandemic

Jeremy Cohen, TikTok quarantine date
NewsSpeaking to the guy who went on a viral quarantine date via drone

Shared on TikTok, Jeremy Cohen’s romantic efforts amid social distancing are a welcome escape from all the bad news right now

Things to do quarantine
ListsAn ongoing list of things to do other than panic right now

We got you

Coronavirus school closures
#alonetogetherClass of COVID-19: students reflect on school closures amid the pandemic

As schools and universities shut down worldwide, young people tell us about the impact on their work, their mental health, and their futures

condom coronavirus
NewsCondom brands are reporting a spike in sales during the quarantine

Lube too

Fake Extinction Rebellion sticker
NewsNo, those deranged Extinction Rebellion coronavirus stickers aren’t real

A white supremacist group has been accused of impersonating the climate activist group

pornhub free premium service world coronavirus
NewsPornhub is offering free premium porn to the whole world

You get premium Pornhub access, you get premium Pornhub access, EVERYBODY GETS PREMIUM PORNHUB ACCESS