Podcasts for 2020
The podcasts we’ll be devouring throughout 2020Podcasts for 2020
January 2020 Blue
All the books you should be reading in 2020January 2020 Blue
Tavi Gevinson End of the Decade
Tavi Gevinson reflects on Rookie’s first dayTavi Gevinson End of the Decade
20 seconds lost to the Doomsday Clock
NewsThings you could have done with the 20 seconds lost to the Doomsday Clock

Written a better song than ‘Yummy’ (don’t @ us)

Housing worries are making renters sick
FeatureHow renting is making people physically and mentally ill

As a new report shows the health impact the current housing crisis has on Generation Rent, we speak to some people suffering from horrific conditions and dodgy landlords

‘Art heiress’ Angela Gulbenkian stole £1.1 million
NewsAngela Gulbenkian: the socialite accused of Warhol art fraud

She married into one of Europe’s most famous art collecting families, and is accused of cheating with works including a Warhol print and Yayoi Kusama pumpkin sculpture, worth over £1 million

Mykki Blanco, ‘Lucky’
MusicExclusive: Watch Mykki Blanco’s stunning live performance of ‘Lucky’

In partnership with Gucci, we explore the intimate, intoxicating power of performance with groundbreaking musicians

Young people are aiming too high with career aspirations
NewsYoung people are aiming too high with career aspirations, says study

Teenagers in the UK are reportedly ‘destined for disappointment’, with five times as many wanting to work in certain sectors as there are jobs available

Andy King fake Fyre Festival Evian advert
NewsFyre Fest’s human meme is now the face of Evian

Once prepared to suck dick for water, Andy King is now being paid to advertise it

DragCon UK 2020 1
OpinionHelp! DragCon UK was a capitalist hellscape – and I love it

With many fans demanding a Ru-fund from the disastrous first day, the second brought some faint glimmers of what drag is all about

The Naked Philanthropist selling nudes to help Puerto Rico
NewsThe Naked Philanthropist is now selling nudes to help Puerto Rico

After raising over $1 million for those affected by the Australian wildfires, model Kaylen Ward has turned her attention to earthquakes in the Carribean

London protest for Cyprus rape survivor case
FeatureHow the Ayia Napa rape case fired up Cyprus’ feminist activists

In a country where protests are few and far between and women’s rights stagnate, the sexual assault of a young British woman fuelled momentum for much-needed change

Neil Morris
OpinionI’m an Indigenous activist: to stop Australia’s fires, listen to our people

‘It’s time for Australia to adopt an approach that embraces the knowledge and traditions of people who have lived here sustainably for millennia’

NewsFinally! Free period products are now available to all schools in England

The move aims to ensure that no one is made to miss school because of their period and to eliminate widespread stigma

Gigi Hadid
NewsGigi Hadid isn’t going to be a juror in Harvey Weinstein’s trial

The model made it through a first round of selections, but has now been dismissed