Psychedelics and God
Speaking to people who found God after taking psychedelicsPsychedelics and God
Karley Sciortino
Karley Sciortino: ‘Sexual freedom in this time has less sex appeal’Karley Sciortino
Andrew Callaghan, All Gas No Brakes
All Gas No Brakes is documenting America’s most unhinged cultural fringesAndrew Callaghan, All Gas No Brakes
Portland PDX Stripper Strike
News‘No justice, no booty’: the strippers striking for racial equality

As part of the PDX Stripper Strike, dancers in Portland have taken to the streets to protest against discrimination in strip clubs across the city

The Stonewall Inn
NewsThe Stonewall Inn has been saved from closing

The LGBTQ+ monument has received a $250k donation after announcing it may have to permanently close following the coronavirus pandemic

Morning after pill
NewsNo surprises: the morning after pill has been harder to access in lockdown

Sexual health services have suffered amid coronavirus quarantine, with emergency contraception sales dropping by half between March and April

New York’s Underground Resistance 9
MusicMeet the stars of New York’s nightlife resistance

With each generation of New York selectors come new threats to the city’s dance scene – here’s how some of its most innovative DJs rave, rest, and resist amid the pandemic

Comfort Zone film Georgian Tbilisi drag Emma Swanson 11
FeatureHow the art of drag helped one young Georgian accept his truth

Short film Comfort Zone trains its lens on one of Tbilisi’s brightest performers and highlights the challenges faced by the city’s queer community

NewsGrindr still hasn’t removed its ethnicity filter, despite promises

After several updates, the controversial filter remains on the app, which pledged to remove it in solidarity with Black Lives Matter

Queer Nation
NewsQueer Nation: a digital platform celebrating 50 years of Pride

Gareth Pugh and Carson McColl’s interactive platform invites LGBTQ+ people to submit short videos on what Pride means to them

The teens who are roleplaying as ‘Karens’ on Instagram
NewsThe teens who are roleplaying as ‘Karens’ on Instagram

Users on the app have created accounts pretending to be American white women who love Trump, wine, and cringe memes

NewsThe Stonewall Inn is in danger of shuttering – here’s how to help

The Greenwich Village bar is the first designated LGBTQ+ monument in America and the site of the famed 1969 Stonewall uprising

Japanese condom brand
NewsA Japanese condom brand has made a weird AF anime about safe sex

The story begins with Condom Battler Goro finding a mythical condom in a stone

Gen Z vs Millenials
FeatureMillennials tell us what they think of Gen Z

The Zoomers are dragging millennial culture – Harry Potter, avocado toast, killing houseplants – but here’s what the older generation thinks of the younger

Dazed 100 2020
NewsTime is running out to vote for the 2020 Dazed 100

To help make this year’s ideas a reality