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Chloé Jafé’s 命預けます
TikTok tooth filing
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Lisa Michalik grills teeth makeup artist sfx
Marc Jacobs Lila Moss Perfect
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Product of the Week Marc Jacobs’ newest fragrance will have you smelling and feeling Perfect The Eau de Parfum takes inspiration from the designer’s mantra ‘I am perfect as I am’
Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber has brought back his OG Justin Bieber haircut
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AIRFRO is here to provide much-needed haircare for Black men
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Kesha really loves butt masks: ‘I’m like butt mask lady’
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Michelle Obama has launched a lipstick to encourage voter registration
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Jo Malone apologises after John Boyega is cut from Chinese campaign
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5 wellness trends we want Goop Labs season 2 to investigate
Lisa Michalik grills teeth makeup artist sfx
Lisa Michalik transforms teeth with grotesque and glamorous grills
Tyler Phoenix’s high fashion nails will have you drooling on your keyboard
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Make-up artist Charlie Murray isn’t afraid of colouring outside the lines
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Welcome to Wendy Asumadu’s joyful world of kaleidoscopic colour
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Sojin Oh pushes nail art boundaries with her nature-inspired creations
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Madrona Redhawk brings calculated chaos to her surreal beauty looks