fast fashion missguided
FashionMissguided, indeed! The fast fashion behemoth is reportedly facing collapse
Naomi Campbell for Chanel
FashionA major Chanel retrospective is headed to the V&A, and more news you missed
PoliticsThe UK’s first ever Black civil rights group is here
Film & TVAustin Butler will play the villain in Dune: Part 2
MusicJeshi, the UK rapper confronting class and the cost of living crisis
Film & TVThe story of Men, the mind-melting new horror from A24
MusicNew Music Friday: 5 albums to stream this week
Levi's 501
FashionFrom mines to milestones: newgen creatives step into Levi’s® 501 legacy
Pussy Riot, Riot Days tour
PoliticsPussy Riot’s Maria Alyokhina on activism in wartime Russia
Winnie the Pooh reading meme
Life & CultureWinnie the Pooh: horror icon, self-care advocate, face of the revolution
16x9 editorial v4@0.5x
Science & TechFive rising TikTokers changing the face of entertainment
Jamel Shabazz, “Joy Riding, Flatbush, Brooklyn” (1980)
Art & PhotographyJamel Shabazz’s immortal snapshots of New York life
cringe goat
The memes are right: to be cringe is to be free
Civilisation magazine
Civilization’s founder on why the internet is a big toilet
Screen Shot 2022-05-19 at 14.35.46
We’re hurtling towards hell, so why can’t we stop buying new things?
Beauty NewsFrom Dazed Beauty
HeadJoin Dazed and Schwarzkopf for a day of hair tutorials, talks, and sessions
Gucci Thomas de Kluyver
HeadThank god for Gucci and its trowelled-on Cosmogonie make-up
HeadThis Ukraine fundraising event has all of your favourite beauty creatives
Seth Rogen
BodyEveryone loves Seth Rogen’s gloopy acrylic manicure
Beauty news
laptop student
PoliticsThe rise of cheating in UK universitiesAs universities continue to commodify education, increasing numbers of students are buying and selling essays
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laptop student
PoliticsThe rise of cheating in UK universities
MusicENHYPEN are the new powerhouses of K-pop
Tayce, #BornToMix
FashionTayce, Chet Lo, and the IoDF unveil their future-facing Absolut collab
Jean Paul Gaultier x Lotta Volkova nude
FashionThe internet is now accusing Jean Paul Gaultier of copying... himself