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The activist and author is a powerful new voice for marginalised identities

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LocationLos Angeles, United States

    As a black queer Muslim woman, Blair Imani exists at an intersection of identities, communities and the pressing issues of resource and representation inequality in America today. Through her work as a Black Lives Matter, LGBTQIA+ and feminist activist and author, Imani has emerged as an essential new voice in the social justice movement. “I try to use my life and experiences as a jumping off point for deeper understanding,” Imani says. Her first book, Modern HERstory, a collection of stories from women and nonbinary people who have changed, or are changing, the world through their work, was published in 2018.

    “Around the world, people are leading movements against ignorance and tyranny and it gives me hope,” Imani says. “When I accidentally came out on national television in 2017, I realised that there is so much power in telling your story.” Alongside her writing and speaking engagements, Imani is the founder of Equality for HER (an organisation focused on health, education, and resources), and was Civic Action and Campaign Leader at, the US youth activism network. Her next book, about the Great Migration, will be published in 2020, to mark the 50th anniversary of Black History Month in the US.

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