Florence Given
Life & CultureFlorence Given answers your dating dilemmas
Haus of Us – winter 2019 1
Life & CultureMeet Haus of Us, New York’s all-ages ballroom family
A Singaporean 377A Wedding, Lenne Chai
Art & PhotographyThese photos imagine what a queer wedding might look like in Singapore
Gay porn 2
Life & CultureThe highs and lows of working as a famous gay porn star
Antonio Perricone Self Portrait
Art & PhotographyActivist Adam Eli speaks to photographer Antonio Perricone about queerness
Nathan Westling – winter 2019 7
FashionNathan Westling is finding happiness in himself
Gay and bisexual men set up an ‘illegal’ blood bank
Life & CultureGay and bisexual men in London have set up an ‘illegal’ blood bank
Lana Winters in American Horror Story
Film & TVThe sprawling queer legacy of American Horror Story
The Gossip Girl reboot will star more POCs and LGBTQ+ people
Film & TVThe Gossip Girl reboot will star more POCs and LGBTQ+ people
Pose, GLAAD LGBT representation
Film & TVIt’s official: a record number of queer characters are now on TV
Butterfly 2
Art & PhotographyWatch a preview from Butterfly, an intimate portrait of Cuban trans women
Trans prisoners in the UK
Life & CultureWhat it’s like to be trans in the UK prison system
Rupaul’s Drag Race UK Frock Destroyers
Film & TVDrag Race UK fans want the Frock Destroyers to rep the UK in Eurovision
Rydel Cerezo 7
Art & PhotographyThese photographs explore what family means to a queer Filipino man
Izzy MacCallum intersex rights
Life & CultureIntersex people on how they want to be treated and accepted
Trans rights LWithTheT
Life & CultureActivists are protesting a group that wants to drop the T from LGBT
Rupaul’s Drag Race UK Snatch Game
Film & TVDrag Race UK: Thatcher, Ginger Spice, and not enough camp
Gucci Grip Project, Unity skateboarding 2019 2
FashionUnity is the collective tackling homophobia in skating
Poland LGBT8
MusicWith Poland’s LGBTQ+ community under attack, its club scene is resisting
Goddess Bunny
Life & CultureThe story of Hollywood’s tap-dancing, disabled trans star Goddess Bunny
Michelle Tea by Kelly Davidson
Life & CultureQueer punk author Michelle Tea on being the voice of misfit America
LGBTQ+ rights protest in the United States
PoliticsHow LGBTQ+ rights in America could change forever this week
Olly Alexander to star in Russell T Davies’ series Boys
Film & TVOlly Alexander is set to star in a 1980s Aids drama
October Book 2019
Life & CultureThe books to blow off plans and stay indoors for this October