Wekaforé Jibril

Wekaforé Jibril


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Wekaforé JibrilPhotography Viri Morandini

The Nigerian-born designer is celebrating a contemporary African aesthetic

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LocationBarcelona, Spain

    Referring to his work as ‘African propaganda’, Wekaforé Jibril founded Wekafore with the intention of smashing the antiquated idea that Africa trails behind the West in terms of creativity, while simultaneously increasing the continent’s representation in fashion.

    Originally from Lagos, Nigeria, Jibril was introduced to fashion by his mother, who designed and sold traditional garments from the family home. Pursuing a design education in Bilbao Spain in 2016, the label had already been started two years prior. First came a series of quietly political slogan tees bearing the words ‘JUNGLE ‘ and ‘VOODOO CHILD’, before Jibril made the move towards full ready-to-wear collections, fusing 60s and 70s silhouettes with an Afrofuturist edge.

    Beyond changing attitudes towards Africa itself, Jibril wants to celebrate the continent’s diaspora too – the designer now lives in Barcelona where he founded Voodoo Children’s Club, “a small community of people who believe in this contemporary African aesthetic and accept it as an equally valid proposal for the future.” “It has grown rapidly to become a necessary monthly ritual for African-Spaniards,” he explains.

    Later this year, Jibril’s multidisciplinary approach to fashion will see him debut a sci-fi web series – which follows on from the short films and comic books he has previously released – and team up with Nike. Not content to stick to fashion, this summer he will perform at music festivals as part of EGOSEX, a group creating a mix of African percussion, blues vocals, and dance music.

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