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The London-based DJ known for her earth-shattering 160 BPM sets

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LocationLondon, United Kingdom

    Everything in Sherelle’s world moves fast. A 160 BPM aficionado, the London born-and-raised DJ spins brain-melting, high-speed footwork, jungle, and drum and bass tunes, and isn’t going to slow down anytime soon – not in music, nor in life.

    Although she’s been making waves for a couple of years, it was Sherelle’s room-shaking Boiler Room set in February that propelled her to viral fame. Amassing over a million views in a month, the superfast – and absolutely nuts – set received a rapturous response from the live crowd as well as those online, and sparked discussion around DJ etiquette following a controversial rewind by fellow DJ Riz La Teef.

    Before this though, the Walthamstow-based DJ had made a name for herself thanks to her bi-weekly Reprezent Radio show, as well as guest mixes for the likes of BBC Radio 1 and Resident Advisor, and appearances at some of London’s most notable clubs, including Corsica Studios. Also no stranger to impressive collabs, Sherelle has curated a footwork-grime hybrid set with Lewisham MC Novelist, supported the likes of The Prodigy, and DJ Storm, and is now pioneering a new DJ super group with Fauzia, Jossy Mitsu, Dobby, L U C Y, and Yazzus.

    With an NTS Radio show, European and North American tour, and new label plans on the horizon, it’s hard to believe Sherelle had no gigs and was on the verge of quitting DJing just a year ago. As she continues to champion the 160 genre with high energy, earth-shattering sets, it looks like the electronic music scene is about to speed TF up.

    Brit Dawson