Deja Foxx

Deja Foxx


Deja Foxx
Deja FoxxDrew Escriv

Deja Foxx is the teen activist fighting for reproductive rights – and cultivating a digital community for young women like her

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LocationNew York, United States

    “My work has always been, and will always be, about real people,” says activist Deja Foxx. “Organising is the best job because if you do it right, you never lose. Even if you don't achieve a goal or you lose an election, if you’ve developed leaders and empowered others along the way, you’ve won.”

    As American lawmakers attempt to obliterate vital resources, Foxx is relentlessly focused on improving reproductive rights for the most marginalised and vulnerable.

    In 2017, her exchange with US senator Jeff Flake about birth control access – which saw her speaking to her experiences as a young woman of colour with a background of poverty and homelessness – went viral. Since, the Tuscon, Arizona-born activist led a campaign for comprehensive sex education in her hometown district, and founded the groundbreaking El Rio Reproductive Health Access Project, which trains young people as peer sex educators and community leaders. Now studying at Columbia University on a full scholarship, Foxx continues to organise – she’s working on her GenZ Girl Gang project, a just-launched online community “redefining sisterhood for a new generation”.

    “I wouldn't be where I am today without the incredible power of sisterhood,” she says. “I'm so excited to cultivate a community that empowers other people to embrace the idea that their success is tied to the success of others.”

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