Sylvie Macmillan

Sylvie Macmillan

Beauty, Nail Artist

Sylvie Macmillan
Sylvie MacmillanPhotography Dexter Lander

Challenging the idea that nails are just an afterthought in fashion, Macmillan’s work puts manicures front and centre

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LocationLondon, United Kingdom
  • selected by Dazed Beauty

The path to nail artistry wasn’t the most conventional for Sylvie Macmillan, the nail technician who now counts former Dazed 100-er and cover star Arca and Larry B among her clients. Despite a long-time obsession with hands, it was only after experience in graphic design, model making, set design and as a chef that Macmillan finally settled on nails. Since then, her career has taken off, painting the nails of Kelsey Lu, Aweng, and Adwoa Aboah, and becoming the go-to nail artist for Fashion East alum A Sai Ta’s ASAI shows.

From uncomfortably long, polished and bejewelled toenails to freaky XXL talons, seashell-covered fingers to a dress made entirely out of acrylics, Macmillan challenges the idea that nails are an afterthought in fashion, proving that they deserve be just as spectacular as any other part of a runway or editorial look. “There’s too much repetition in nail world and that needs to change,” says Macmillan. “Cars, nature, sex toys, history, occupations, ceramics... I generally look at practices and influences outside of nails for inspiration.”

With an upcoming film for Dazed Beauty which delves into the technical side of giving pedicures to people with prosthetic legs, as well as a collaboration with Arca and jewellery collection with engraver Castro Smith, Macmillan is set to have her biggest year yet.

Alex Peters