Room For Rebellion

Room For Rebellion

Activist, Collective

Room for Rebellion

The activist party collective dancing for free, safe, legal abortion care across Ireland and Northern Ireland

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AgesIsis O’Regan 29, Anna Cafolla 29, Hollie Boston 27, Jess Brien 30
LocationBelfast, United Kingdom

    Thumping music, mesmerising lights, and sweat-dripped walls aren’t exactly the usual backdrop for abortion rights activism. All are typical at any Room For Rebellion night, though, where angry dancing is the only thing on the agenda.

    Dancing for free, safe, legal, local abortion care across Ireland and Northern Ireland, Room For Rebellion is a ‘political party’, with nights in Belfast, Dublin, and London that raise money for grassroots abortion rights campaigns.

    Established in 2016 by Isis O’Regan, Room For Rebellion now has a dedicated, determined team, including Anna Cafolla, Hollie Boston, and Jess Brien. Over the past two years, the organisation has raised over £4k, thrown rousing DIY parties with Eclair Fifi, Object Blue, and Moxie, and celebrated the repeal of Ireland’s archaic abortion law.

    Now the group is campaigning for Northern Ireland, the only place in the UK where having an abortion is punishable with up to 14 years in prison. Taking direct action, Room For Rebellion will champion the Now For NI campaign with guerilla protests, demanding the attention of politicians. 2019 will also see the collective launch a zine and a radio project, continuing the momentum of last year’s activism.

    While the vote to repeal the eighth amendment in May 2018 was a historic victory, Room For Rebellion urges us to stay angry and continue dancing in defiance until people in Northern Ireland have complete body autonomy.

    Brit Dawson