Northern Ireland

Derry Girls
Film & TVCatholic teens and Cranberries’ Dreams: Derry Girls will live forever
Derry Girls
Film & TVSay your Hail Marys: a Derry Girls film is on the cards
Glastonbury 2
MusicA socially distanced festival is planned for Northern Ireland this August
MusicThese musicians are exploring what Irishness means in 2020
Irish elections
PoliticsThis election, young people shook up Ireland’s stagnant political landscape
First same sex marriage Northern Ireland
PoliticsThe first same-sex marriage in Northern Ireland officially takes place
Belfast Pride 2019
PoliticsHow I fought on the frontlines for marriage equality in Northern Ireland
PoliticsSame-sex marriage just officially became legal in Northern Ireland
Six key moments from the devastating general election
PoliticsA cheatsheet on how fucked up the UK got last night
Rally for Choice Belfast
PoliticsCongratulations Northern Ireland! Abortion and equal marriage now legal
Rally for Choice Belfast
PoliticsPhotos of the vibrant Belfast protest for abortion law reform
LGBTQ+ Northern Ireland equal marriage vote
Life & CultureNorthern Ireland’s equal marriage vote gives me hope for a better future
Room for Rebellion
Dazed 100Room For Rebellion: activists dancing for abortion rights
Audrey Gillespie
Life & CultureExploring drag as an intimate, freeing outlet for women
Now for Northern Ireland abortion law protest
PoliticsHuge projections on UK buildings demand change to NI abortion laws
Belfast protest for abortion rights
PoliticsAngry about Alabama’s abortion laws? Great – now look at Northern Ireland
Northern Ireland abortion rights International Women’s Day
PoliticsHow you can stand with women in Northern Ireland for abortion rights
Derry Girls Season Two
Film & TVHere’s a first look at the raucous second season of Derry Girls
Galway pro-choice march
PoliticsPro-choice activists fight back against Ireland’s anti-abortion protests
Campaigning for abortion rights in Northern Ireland
PoliticsPeople travelling to N. Ireland for Christmas are tweeting for choice
Blu Hydrangea — autumn/winter 2018
Life & CultureMeet the young generation reshaping Belfast’s arts scene
The Repeal the 8th movement, Ireland
PoliticsIreland’s archaic abortion law has officially been repealed
PoliticsDespite IRL and URL abuse, Ireland’s pro-choice activists remain strong
healthcare not airfare
PoliticsAbortion Support Network share their harrowing, human stories of Ireland