Berliners celebrate their victory
‘Berlin has proven renters don’t need to water down their demands’
CaliforniaCalifornia becomes the first US state to outlaw stealthing
Women’s rights protest
Sarah EverardThe UK government backtracks on its promise to make misogyny a hate crime
Sarah Everard protests vigil
Sarah EverardSisters Uncut: the Met’s advice to call the cops on the cops is ‘laughable’
2021 storming of the US Capitol
Donald TrumpA documentary about the Capitol invasion will examine the far-right threat
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Sisters Uncut protest, Old Bailey
NewsSisters Uncut stage a protest at the sentencing of Sarah Everard’s killer
Millennials and Gen Z want out of capitalism
NewsTax the rich! Millennials and Gen Z want out of capitalism
Dominic Cummings
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GK Lewis for Zegna
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Texas abortion ban protest London 1
Feature‘This could happen in the UK’: London protesters on Texas’ abortion ban
Abortion ban
NewsActivists on Texas’ near-total abortion ban: ‘Our fight will not end today’
The Right to Sex – Amia Srinivasan
Q+AAmia Srinivasan on why we should dwell on discomfort in feminism
NewsMeme artist raises $4m in one day to rescue Afghans on Taliban’s kill list
Speakerbox‘We’re back to square one’: Afghan activists on the Taliban takeover
Pussy Riot
NewsPussy Riot members leave Russia to escape ‘continuous arrests’
Kiev LGBTQ+ Pride rave 14
FeatureUkraine’s LGBTQ+ youth rave for their rights outside the president’s office
Ghana LGBTQ+ rights
FeatureGhana’s LGBTQ+ community refuses to be silenced by anti-gay bill