Jason Williamson, Sleaford Mods
Jason from Sleaford Mods on why society has to shift in favour of humanismJason Williamson, Sleaford Mods
LGBTQ+ flag
LGBTQ+A third of trans and non-binary youth have attempted suicide this past year
George Floyd
racismJustice for George Floyd is the fastest growing petition ever
George Floyd
ListsHow to be an ally in light of George Floyd’s murder
Greta Thunberg
CoronavirusGreta Thunberg reacts as a politician calls COVID-19 ‘great’ for pipelines
Politics News
Greta Thunberg
NewsGreta Thunberg is urging people to take coronavirus more seriously
Girls coronavirus lockdown
NewsFrom period poverty to harassment, young women and girls suffer in lockdown
#SaveNour Zoom protest
NewsHousing activists crashed landlord’s Zoom party to protest forced evictions
Ella Snyder Dazed 100 interview
FashionModel and YouTuber Ella Snyder takes the Dazed 100 pop quiz
NewsThe Gender Recognition Act proposals will hurt trans teens, say activists
Chelsea Manning, Dazed
NewsChelsea Manning shares her first message since being released from jail
Donald Trump mocked on TikTok
NewsTikTok users are acting out Trump’s most absurd coronavirus speeches
Pussy Riot member Pyotr Verzilov arrest
NewsA Pussy Riot activist has been arrested for wearing a police uniform
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NewsHow the UK government’s latest coronavirus updates affect young people
Pause the System coronavirus protest 5
OpinionWhy I stood in a hazmat suit outside Downing Street for my job
Chelsea Manning, Dazed
NewsA judge has ordered Chelsea Manning’s release from jail
The UK tampon tax will officially be abolished next year
NewsThe UK tampon tax will officially be abolished in January 2021