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MusicAriana Grande says farewell to 2018 in heartfelt Instagram message
Gucci severed head AW18 collection fashion future Prosthetic
Fashion2018 was the year fashion fast-forwarded to 3018
Maeva Giani Marshall Dazed 100
Dazed 100Maeva Giani Marshall: The freckled model making waves
NUXXE Dazed 100
Dazed 100NUXXE: a truly radical club collective
NA Dazed 100
Dazed 100NA: the androgynous model encouraging Koreans to be proud
FashionThe results are in: LVMH announces its 2018 prize winners
Antwerp Graduate Show 2018
FashionS&M babes, giant hats, & cartoons take over at Antwerp’s 2018 grad show
Sophie Dazed 100
Dazed 100SOPHIE: the Glasgow-born producer defining a new era in pop
Akinola Davies Dazed 100
Dazed 100Akinola Davies is the filmmaker spotlighting Nigerian youth
The White Pube Dazed 100
Dazed 100The White Pube: the curatorial antidote to art world elitism
Lil Miquela Dazed 100
Dazed 100Lil Miquela is the ultimate CGI Insta-influencer
Ruth Ossai Dazed 100
Dazed 100Ruth Ossai: the Nigerian photographer celebrating her roots
Shanelle Nyasiase Dazed 100
Dazed 100Shanelle Nyasiase: the model who walked 43 shows in AW18
Güerxs Dazed 100
Dazed 100Güerxs: the modelling agency celebrating Mexican youth
Elyse Fox Sad Girls Club portrait Dazed 100
Dazed 100Elyse Fox is working to destigmatise depression for WoC
Antonia Marsh Dazed 100
Dazed 100Antonia Marsh: the curator redefining art spaces
Rosie Marks Dazed 100
Dazed 100London photographer Rosie Marks finds beauty in awkwardness
Dazed 100Adesuwa Aighewi is making waves on the catwalk
Holly Blakey Dazed 100
Dazed 100Choreographer Holly Blakey injects her dances with modernity
Sasha Trautvein Dazed 100
Dazed 100Sasha Trautvein: The inked-up, Insta-famous Russian model
Anok Yai Dazed 100
Dazed 100Anok Yai: the first black model to open for Prada since 1997
Desmond Is Amazing Dazed 100
Dazed 100Desmond is Amazing: The fabulous 10-year-old ‘drag kid’
Peggy Gou DJ portrait Dazed 100
Dazed 100Peggy Gou: the first Korean woman to play Berghain
DYKE_ON magazine Dazed 100
Dazed 100DYKE_ON: the world’s first lesbian fashion magazine