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A24’s Horror Caviar: A Cookbook
A24’s Horror Caviar: A CookbookCourtesy of A24

Hungry for horror? A24 releases a gruesome cookbook

Titled Horror Caviar, the book explores the genre’s fetish for food, with recipes based on Midsommar, Suspiria, The Witch, Alien, and more

A24 provides no shortage of treats for its fans. In the last two years alone, the arthouse production company has released some killer merch for its films — see: vibey Saint Maud t-shirts, candles that smell like Midsommar, and the Furby chain from Uncut Gems — while its books take us behind the scenes of Euphoria, or unpack Zola, the infamous stripper saga.

Now, though, A24 is letting fans cook up their own film-themed delicacies, with a cookbook that delves into the horror genre’s gruesome connection with food. Lamb, anyone?

Titled Horror Caviar, the book features contributions from chefs, writers, and food artists — ranging from “inventively creepy recipes” to essays that examine the role of food in horror films, such as Carmen Maria Machado’s “Horror and the Refrigerator: Nine Theses”.

The feasts, delicacies, and drinks featured on each page also draw from almost 30 horror films, including cult pics and canonical classics. Chef Laila Gohar offers a fish stew recipe based on Robert EggersThe Witch, for example, while The Shining inspires Leslie Kirchhoff’s Snap Pea Gelatine Labyrinth.

Elsewhere in the cookbook are nods to Midsommar, Suspiria, Alien, The Company of Wolves, Candyman, and more (the latter appears in the snacks section, naturally). 

Take a closer look at the grisly imagery from Horror Caviar: A Cookbook in the gallery above. The book is out now, and can be ordered here.