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Saint Maud stained glass tee, A24
courtesy A24

A24 just dropped some killer Saint Maud merch

Including a special zine by the horror film’s director, Rose Glass, that explores religious pilgrimage, poetry, and BDSM

Released in 2020, the religious psychological horror Saint Maud took our fears about loneliness and obsession during lockdown, and channelled them through a story about a deeply religious nurse, Maud (played by Morfydd Clark), and the God-like voices in her head.

Now, A24 – the arthouse production company behind Saint Maud – has released a new line of merch for fans of the film. The merch collection includes tie-dyed t-shirts bearing stained glass imagery and the ominous phrase: “She is Risen.” Via ongoing A24 collaborators Online Ceramics, fans can also get their hands on a “Sacrificial Burnt Flesh” fleece, which sounds... cosy.

Dropping alongside the new new A24 merch is a special zine by the British director Rose Glass, who made her feature-length debut with Saint Maud. Titled Salvation!, the zine explores themes from the film, featuring writing about the Lourdes pilgrimage site and the Romantic poet William Blake. In terms of imagery, it places classic still-life paintings beside BDSM photographs, electrotherapy ads, and COVID-adjacent handwashing diagrams.

“Do you need saving? What do you need saving from?” Glass asks in an introduction. “I hope to offer the reader a hard-hitting and handy how-to guide for Salvation, in MIND, BODY, and SOUL… Long and short, do whatever you need to keep the abyss at bay!”

Previously, A24 has also shared merch for Uncut Gems – including that crystal Furby necklace – and auctioned props from other productions, such as Euphoria, Midsommar, and Mid90s, to raise money for coronavirus aid.

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