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Saint Maude by A24 3
Courtesy of A24

How A24’s nightmarish religious horror Saint Maud came to life

In an exclusive behind the scenes clip, Studio Canal reveals how some of the hair-raising special effects were achieved – including *that* jump cut

When Saint Maud debuted in October, people were stunned by its chilling depictions of faith and obsession. Rose Glass’ debut film, about a deeply religious nurse who becomes hellbent on saving her dying patient’s soul, was not only a heartbreaking reflection on loneliness but also served as a stark reminder of our own online obsessions.

Now, an exclusive video reveals the method behind the madness. Coinciding with the film’s digital release on February 1, Studio Canal has unveiled a clip that goes behind the scenes, shining a light on how some of the hair-raising special effects were achieved – including that jump cut.

In the video, Glass explains how she came up with the idea for Saint Maud while studying at the National Film and Television School. “I’m interested in the private realities people live in and the disparity between how different that is to what we present to the world,” she explains.

There’s also interviews with producers Andrea Cornwell and Oliver Kassman, who cite Roman Polanski’s Rosemary’s Baby and Ingmar Bergman as key references, while costume designer Tina Kalivas talks about bringing the characters of Maud and Amanda to life through clothing.

Saint Maud is out on DVD, Blu-ray, and digital on February 1. Watch the behind the scenes video below, and once you’re done with that, read our interview with writer and director Rose Glass.