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The Cure of Folly (Extraction of the Stone of Madness)
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ExoMars Trace Gas Orbiter illustration
Life & CultureScientists are trying to crack an ‘alien’ signal from Mars
Film & TVUnderground filmmaker and occultist Kenneth Anger has died
Sven Marquardt, from various series, 1983-2020
Art & PhotographyBerlin nightlife icon Sven Marquardt captures the city’s subversive history
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Yeonmi Park on the Joe Rogan podcast
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EELS ilustration, Enceladus
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Zizi, Beverly Hills, Los Angeles
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An AI-generated beer ad, released this week
Life & CultureBrace yourselves, the AI-generated video revolution is coming
Dune: Part One
Film & TVWatch Timothée Chalamet lead an army in the trailer for Dune: Part Two
Minority Report (2002) still
Life & CultureAI has now unlocked the ability to read people’s minds
Maurizio Cattelan banana Comedian
Art & PhotographyYet again, someone has scoffed Maurizio Cattelan’s $120,000 banana
MusicGrimes invites fans to deepfake her voice for their own AI songs
NASA, Mars Dune Alpha
Life & CultureMars Dune Alpha: the year-long simulator prepping NASA for life on Mars
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The Orvillecopter, cat drone
Life & CultureSo you want to give dead animals the gift of flight?
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Aaron Peever, The Coronation, 2021
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Juice, Jupiter mission illustration
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