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Kanye has had enough of tiny slides already

It’s all about Big Shoe Energy now

OK, you definitely know how this goes now. Kanye wore tiny slides to 2Chainz’s wedding, so naturally, people made memes about it. Diet Prada then made a tee, which West saw. But there’s more! 

Now, the rapper has pretty much declared that too small shoes are over. Taking to Twitter last night, he posted a series of pictures of himself wearing giant Yeezy slides with the caption: “are the slides big enough”. Well, yes. Forget Big Dick Energy, it’s all about Big Shoe Energy now. 

Following the slides, he also posted a picture of some puffed-up Yeezy Boosts because why not? Just remember the OG oversized account @itsmaysmemes did it first. 

Are tiny shoes over, before they even got a chance? Will giant Yeezy slides ever reach the shelves? This is probably not the end of the tiny shoe saga.