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Kanye wore (too small) Yeezy slippers to 2 Chainz’ wedding

And Twitter actually let it... slide

The weekend has sadly already come and gone. As wild as yours may (or not) have been, chances are you weren’t at 2 Chainz’ wedding. Kanye West was there – with Kim K in tow – unsurprisingly wearing a green suit courtesy of Virgil Abloh’s Louis Vuitton

Scroll down, though, and you might be a little taken back by the fact that West paired his outfit with a pair of Yeezy slides. Not satisfied with just making that statement, they were also a few sizes too small – with Ye’s heel hanging over the back.

Before you rush to say ‘WHAT ARE THOOOOSE’, the general consensus was that it was a #looq. Kanye West wearing slides to a wedding is my mood all year,” read one tweet. Why were they too small? No answer yet. Maybe it will remain one of life’s great mysteries. 

Obviously a fan of this particular pair of slides, West also posted a video on Twitter of himself wearing the shoes on holiday. So, the eternal mood for 2018 (and the rest of your life) is: get you a man who can wear slippers on holiday, and to a wedding. Even if they are two sizes too small.