Dominic Cadogan

Dominic Cadogan is Dazed Digital’s deputy editor

gena marvin drag artist Russia Saint Petersburg
CommunityArtist Gena Marvin turns his childhood trauma into nightmarish drag looks
vetements burger meal collaboration km20
FashionVetements just dropped fashion’s answer to the Happy Meal
Charlotte Knowles KNWLS aw21 collection lfw
FashionEnter KNWLS, the next chapter for designer Charlotte Knowles
canada olympics 2021 Hudson's bay outfits
FashionCanada dropped its official Olympic ‘fits and we have questions
Fenn O'Meally Valentino Voce Viva fragrance
SoulFenn O’Meally & Ikram Abdi Omar on finding their strength and creativity
valentino voce viva lady gaga fragrance campaign
BodyValentino Beauty’s newest fragrance helps celebrate your voice and strength
furmaan ahmed non-binary photographer set designer artist
CommunityFurmaan Ahmed’s surreal atmospheric world is an escape from mundane reality
george jasper stone digital artist cgi
CommunityGeorge Jasper Stone’s digital utopias meld the natural and unnatural
2B19D1DF-7710-4606-B78C-3D977D51BD28 2
HeadArial Robinson’s new book is all you need to know about Black hair care
the fat zine gina tonic body positive
CommunityGina Tonic is the writer and editor empowering a generation of fat babes
soph parkinson builds nails artist sculptures instagram
CommunitySoph Parkinson’s playful nail sculptures are miniature works of art
HeadMarcelo Gutierrez is the Latinx representation he wants to see in beauty
niohuru climax makeup artist New York
CommunityNiohuru is the make-up chameleon inspired by Chinese royalty
the inkey list succinic acid treatment spot skincare
HeadThis super affordable miracle ingredient immediately banishes blemishes
Halsey about face makeup brand launch scene
HeadHalsey launches About-Face, a celebration of Scene beauty
HeadDrake supposedly has a new hairstyle and we need answers
fernanda.acuna instagram artist make up digital
Head20 of our fave upcoming beauty creatives to follow immediately
Byredo Makeup Sciomancer palette
HeadThis beautiful eyeshadow palette is a treasure to cherish forever
toucheconomy Tamara Obukhova artist instagram
CommunityTamara Obukhova’s unpredictable looks turn the ordinary into the unusual
ladygaga haus labs skincare brand rumour
HeadIs Lady Gaga skincare dropping soon?
CommunityIssac Poleon’s avant-garde Black hairstyles are created on pure instinct
howl worldwide sex lgbtq community positivity lube cbd
BodyHOWL is the sex-positive brand helping the queer community have better sex
Byredo Makeup isamaya Ffrench Ben Gorham beauty brand
HeadByredo Makeup is a new expression of beauty without any rules
CommunitySexy goth stylist Kurt Johnson celebrates queer liberation in all forms