General Election 2017

Young protest
PoliticsDon’t listen to that study – young people did change politics
anti tory protest
PoliticsWhat influenced the UK’s massive youth vote surge?
Lord Buckethead election
PoliticsMeet the intergalactic hero who stood against Theresa May
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PoliticsBritish youth proves what power it has
Arts+CultureMeet the flirty Tinder bot swinging the youth vote
MPs music tastes
MusicWhich British politicians actually like good music?
PoliticsDazed view: we must vote Labour
banksy print
Arts+CultureBanksy’s free election print scheme isn’t happening now
Arts+CultureKatharine Hamnett launches ‘Choose NHS’ campaign
Lena Dunham Jeremy Corbyn
Arts+CultureLena Dunham wants you to vote Labour
voting graphic
Arts+CultureKeeping the Tories out – a guide to tactical voting
theresa may donald trump
Arts+CultureWhy Donald Trump can stay out of London
Arts+CultureBanksy to give free art to people who don’t vote Tory
Screen Shot 2017-06-04 at 15.20.29
Arts+CultureThe hypocrisy of our government after the London attack
MusicMorrissey blasts Theresa May, praises ‘intelligent’ Corbyn
jeremy deller bein jokes
Arts+CultureJeremy Deller starts anti-Tory poster campaign in London
Arts+CultureIt’ll take more than JME to get BME brits to back Jeremy
MusicPop protest & rave rebellion: a history of anti-Tory anthems
Screen Shot 2017-05-21 at 19.04.47
Arts+CultureUs young people need to get our political shit together
Arts+CultureHere’s why young people aren’t voting
Arts+CultureHow sex and religion are influencing the General Election
Julian Assange
Arts+CultureJulian Assange debates running in the UK election
General Election noise copy
Arts+CultureThis election is a chance for us to unfuck the country