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theresa may donald trump
Theresa May and Donald Trump pretending to like each other in America

Why Donald Trump can stay out of London

Literally no-one wants to see him, probably not even Theresa May – although she’d be too spineless to admit it

Donald Trump’s advisers are reportedly discussing the possibility of him visiting London to “show solidarity” after the terror attacks. No-one wants him here. His idea of “solidarity” appears to be calling the Mayor of London Sadiq Khan “pathetic” on Twitter. Again, no-one has any interest in seeing him.

The proposed date for his horrible surprise visit is apparently June 9. It’s nice timing for Trump – ex-FBI director James Comey is due to appear before the Senate Intelligence Committee on Thursday over accusations that Trump pressured him to shut down an investigation, a story that is consuming the president more and more each day. So, it’d convenient for Trump to be out of the country but I repeat – nobody here wants to see him.

If as expected (FFS) Theresa May becomes Prime Minister on June 9, Donald Trump will be visiting London after she’s re-seized power, despite being completely unfit for the job and facing calls to resign. What a symbol it’ll be of her leadership – Donald Trump and her holding hands, walking around London, her too embarrassed to say that she doesn’t want to see him, that nobody wants to see him, that she cannot stand him, but is unable to say anything because we’ve alienated ourselves from all our allies.

Nobody wants him here on his faux-show of “solidarity”, a concept of which he has no grasp. He should keep himself, and his advisers that probably hate him as well, out of this city. I believe in freedom of movement – except when it is Donald Trump travelling on Air Force One to London. That is movement I do not believe in.