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Dazed Live Talent 45

Learn the art of photo storytelling and zine making at Dazed+Labs

Eddie Otchere, Jefferson Hack, Ib Kamara, and more lead two days of hands-on workshops at Dazed Live – sign up here

If you’ve ever wanted to produce next-level photography or self-publish a zine (which Dazed started out as in 1991 in anarchic, black & white form) – then keep reading. For the past three years, Dazed+Labs has been running workshops for the next gen of image makers and creatives, and it’s returning for a two-day series this year at Dazed Live.

Known for snapping seminal rappers and DJs of the mid 1990s and early noughties, Eddie Otchere has spent years documenting scenes like the thriving days of jungle and hip hop. On day one (October 9) he’s hosting ’How to use a camera to tell your story’, a hands-on class that’ll give attendees an insight into the traditional and digital image making processes, plus shooting and developing film via a pop-up dark room.

The second day (October 10) will see Otchere joined by Dazed’s co-founder Jefferson Hack as they explore the storied history of zine-culture; from the first ever sci-fi zines to issue zero of Dazed. The session will see students using the photography they made the previous day to make their own double-page spread in an 18-page zine published on Dazed, and stocked exclusively in the Dazed Newsagent.

Students will also be joined by Dazed’s editorial team; including stylist and Dazed’s editor-in-chief Ib Kamara, executive editorial director Lynette Nylander, and art director Gareth Wrighton, to learn more about the roles that orbit the photographer, from stylists to art directors, and creative directors.

“Much of our learning is to understand the art and techniques embodied in photography,” says Eddie Otchere. “Our studio shoots are essentially the culmination and application of all the art theory and professional practice they've been adopting. Much of the apprenticeships in professional photography occur when you become an assistant, working in photo studios. Without this incredible opportunity, there’s no way the students can fully appreciate how much of the business of photography occurs when a team of creatives come together to fulfil a commercial goal.”

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