Felicity Martin


First Wives Club 1996 lip filler
Beauty Feature‘It’s ruined my life’: why dissolving filler isn’t as simple as it seems
Life & CultureAre we witnessing the demise of teen girl culture?
Rick Braukis
MusicRick Braukis is the firestarter behind SZA’s hypnotic visual effects
Press Photo - Emanuel de Oliveira
MusicNana Lourdes: the producer blending Britney, psych-pop and the Kardashians
hail satan still
Life & CultureWhat do young satanists think of the new Satanic Panic?
Hyd - Fire 2 (Credit Michael Bailey-Gates)
MusicPC Music’s Hyd harnesses the elements in their glitching debut
MusicNia Archives: the junglist bringing Black women to the front
Z symbol Russia Ukraine war
PoliticsWhat is the ‘Z’, the pro-war symbol sweeping Russia?
PoliticsWhat are Anonymous actually doing to help Ukraine?
Elliot Page Pageboy
Film & TVElliot Page’s new memoir will tackle ‘the cesspool that Hollywood can be’
DJ Lag Meeting With The King
Music7 albums to stream this week
image (1)
Film & TVFour Euphoria actresses have now asked Sam Levinson to cut nude scenes
PoliticsUBI: Wales to give some young people £1600 a month
Caroline Polachek, “Billions” (BTS)
MusicA trip through Caroline Polachek’s cerebral dreamworld
The incu-dater
Science & TechWhat if we used science to hack our love lives?
Cressida Dick
PoliticsCya Cressida! All the ways Dame Dick has been a dick
Deepfake: Unstable Evidence on Screen
Science & TechWill deepfakes rewrite history as we know it?
Get Rich or Lie Trying influencer economy
Life & CultureHow influencers became the scam artists of the digital age
Elon Musk
Science & TechElon Musk’s ‘teen tormentor’ is actually just a big fanboy
Science & TechDo not ask Kanye to do a fucking NFT
Studio Ghibli theme park
Film & TVGet a look inside the long-awaited Studio Ghibli theme park
Klarna 2
Life & CultureWhy Klarna going contactless can only spell disaster
Cold Lunch
Art & PhotographyInside Roxy Lee’s X-rated new photography exhibition
Flying Lotus Ash
Film & TVFlying Lotus announces second film Ash, a sci-fi horror set in space