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dazed protest london
Jacob Chabeaux

British youth proves what power it has

The old theory is that young people don’t vote – but inspired by the chance to fight for integrity and ideas they came through in record numbers

Another morning, another seismic shift in the political landscape. In this era of Infinite Politics we’ve seen Britain leave the European Union and Donald Trump become President. It was widely expected that after Theresa May called this general election her right-wing government would win by a landslide margin against Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour party. But British youth turned out in record numbers (reportedly between 72 and 75 per cent, with 66 per cent of 18-24-year-olds said to have voted Labour) and proved that they aren’t apathetic at all – in fact it‘s the politicians who are.

As usual, things are confusing. We don’t know who is going to run the country. But whatever happens in parliament it’s crystal clear is that there is an energised youth sick of an establishment that doesn’t give a shit about them, a youth with an outlook unlike generations above it, one that believes in seeking out information not being given it, a youth that thinks globally and is inspired by the opening of new frontiers, not the closing of them. And one that is ready to fight.

The right wing press did everything in its power to tip this election in its favour, with vindictive personal attacks and lies. It failed. In the future, we may look back on this moment as the symbol of its fading power. Youth creates its own media now.

The Tories may still take political power but idelogically they have lost and they will know they’re on borrowed time – this generation wants them gone, it’s that simple. We at Dazed feel elated by and proud of record numbers in youth turnout, but please keep fighting against racism, austerity and the grossly uneven distribution of wealth. Keep fighting for what you believe. This is bigger than they can handle and it is only the beginning.