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Morrissey blasts Theresa May, praises ‘intelligent’ Corbyn

The former Smiths singer has condemned the Conservative Party’s promise to repeal the fox hunting ban and praised the Labour leader for opposing ‘any form of animal slaughter’

Just a week after sharing some awful opinions about the Manchester bombing, Morrissey has posted another statement to Facebook criticising UK Prime Minister Theresa May.

The former Smiths frontman and outspoken animal rights activist has taken aim at the Conservative manifesto promise to repeal the fox hunting ban, writing that his “own view is that a British Prime Minster should not approve killing of any kind.” Later, he offers praise for Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, describing him as “intelligent” in that he “opposes any form of animal slaughter”.

“Many feel that people who hold the beliefs of Theresa May should also be culled, and we therefore assume that she would not object to this form of death for her own self,” the statement continues, before posting images of fox hunts. “Continuing to sell arms to the Middle East, and now speaking in support of fox-killing, Theresa May is not the face of 2017 England.”

Trying to parse Morrissey’s political beliefs can be tough. He was pro-Brexit, he’s described former UKIP leader Nigel Farage as a “liberal educator” in the past, and, following the Manchester attack, he appeared to be insinuating that UK immigration laws were too lenient. But he is and has always been a strong critic of the Conservatives, even when they’re adopting many of UKIP’s policies on immigration as their own.

Likewise, he’s certainly no fan of Donald Trump, and has voiced his support for former US presidential candidate Bernie Sanders – and now seemingly Jeremy Corbyn – despite their actual policy platforms being some of the most pro-migrant and pro-refugee of the major parties.

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