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Katharine Hamnett launches ‘Choose NHS’ campaign

The exclusive t-shirt designs want to encourage tactical voting in the upcoming election

After the tragic events in London and Manchester this year, it’s become all too clear just how much we, as a nation, rely on services like the NHS to support and care for those in need. Growing up with it made it easy to take it for granted, and it’s easy to forget that, right now, our NHS is pretty vulnerable. On June 8, our actions will determine whether our access to healthcare remains a right for all, or becomes an exclusive privilege for the few.

To raise awareness of this, the CHOOSE NHS campaign store has launched a line of t-shirts designed exclusively by iconic Brit designer Katharine Hamnett, in support of the NHS and voting to help save our public health system from deconstruction and Adam Smith’s invisible capitalist claw. All proceeds from sales will go directly towards helping young people vote tactically in the general election on June 8. The aim is to keep the NHS intact – one of the proudest assets of this country that is held in jeopardy by the government currently and for the next 5 years potentially, if nothing is done.

Our public health system was the envy of the world,” Hamnett tells Dazed. “Look at what's happening in America. Soon 23 million people will have no free access to healthcare. We don't want to end up like them.”

She continues: “People in this country worked all their lives, paid their taxes and their National Insurance contribution, kept their heads down on the understanding that the system that they paid into was going to deliver world class care whenever they needed it. These people are being betrayed by the drastic cuts being made to Hospitals and services by the present government.”

If you weren’t already sold, the £19 t-shirts are also entirely ethically sourced: made in the UK using low waste ink technology in a wind-powered factory with 100% organic cotton. 

“I'm voting Labour because I think they are best for the NHS,” adds Hamnett. “The NHS is our right. That’s the deal.”

T-shirts are available to buy at the official CHOOSE NHS online shop here