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Jazz Jennings
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Look down the lens of these agenda-setting photographers

New York’s queer community, all access with A$AP Rocky, off-the-wall/out-of-this-world fashion editorials and majestic trips abroad – here’s a round up of who to watch next

When there are so many great photographers in the world, it can often feel redundant to create lists like this. Look around and you've got the next great visionary at your finger tips, in your sights or even in yourself. But when a game-changer comes along, it's something worth celebrating. And celebrate we did – with 100 of the musicians, artists, designers, models, activists and photographers set to shape culture in 2016, all neatly profiled in this year's Dazed 100. One-tenth of that list was made up of some of the most exciting minds shooting today, and last week, in no particular order, we looked at five of those. Here’s part two.


You’d think staring in a Marc Jacobs campaign beside Bette Midler would be enough for early retirement, not the start of a new career. But ex-model, now-photographer Ethan James Green has been steadily building up his credibility behind the camera over the past year. Shooting the likes of fellow Dazed 100 stars, actresses Grace Dunham (yep, Lena’s sister) and May Taylor for Dazed’s winter 2015 issue. He’s also been taking to the streets and social media to cast New York’s queer community for an upcoming book on the city’s youth, previewing shots regularly through his Instagram feed.


With a knack for turning the ordinary into the out-of-this-world, New York fashion photographer Brianna Capozzi returns to the Dazed 100 for the second time. Last year, she told us she was out to “make incredible images that are striking but don’t look overdone”, which, of course, she effortlessly achieved – hitting high notes by shooting a starkers Chloë Sevigny with nothing but a lobster in March 2015. This year, she’s managed to get Naomi Campbell and A$AP Rocky down to their pants for the cover of Pop. But most importantly, she captured a serene looking, 15-year-old LGBTQ activist Jazz Jennings for the cover of Dazed’s spring 2016 issue.


London-based Dexter Navy was already carving a clear path to the top without the massive shout out from Kanye West this week – whose video for “Flashing Lights”, Navy told us, just so happened to inspire his journey into filmmaking. But any love from Yeezy never hurts, nor A$AP Rocky, who Navy has struck up a creative partnership with. Rocky tasked him with the job of creating the trippy and dreamy visuals for “L$D”, which earned the filmmaker/photog a Grammy nomination for best music video. The rapper then relied on Navy’s signature long shot style for the much darker video for “JD”. On the photography front, he, of course, shot Rocky’s At.Long.Last.A$AP album cover – where the rapper paid tribute to late friend and Mob member Yams – as well as fashion editorials for Billionaire Boy’s Club, and, more recently, took a trip to Morocco for adidas Originals.


If you’re sitting comfortably then it might be time to switch positions. “I’m not interested in making things that look twee or sugary,” Middlesborough-born photographer Eloise Parry told us, adding, ”Good taste is bad taste.” Since tripping to London, she’s struck up a long-term friendship with fashion designer and illustrator Claire Barrow, collaborated with Hood By Air and Kanye’s stylist Akeem Smith for a shoot with Kenzo. Using her Instagram as both a way to showcase her work but also find her next project, or subject, Parry admits to street casting from the social platform – as if you needed more reason to hit follow.


One-half of the brains behind Hot and Cool – a fashion/art biannual magazine that we marked as one to watch as part of last year’s Dazed 100 – Theo Sion and fellow co-founder, stylist Alice Goddard have both stepped out on their own this year. Although still a combined force to be reckoned with, both have charted individual accolades on the Dazed 100 and in their respective fields. Sion, in particular, who describes his approach as “easy, breezy (and) beautiful” has most recently worked with a shaved-head, bum-baring beauty that is Rose McGowan, as well as Gaspar Noé actress and fellow Dazed 100-er Klara Kristin, on their shoots for the spring 2016 issue of Dazed. The catch? You’ll have to figure out an alternative way to follow him, though, as you won’t find him on Instagram...