Ashleigh Kane

Ashleigh is Dazed's Arts & Culture Editor

Gap x Dazed
Art & PhotographyYour first look at the artworks created by New Gen Gap’s six finalists
Frida Kahlo
Art & PhotographyWatch an exclusive clip about the moment that Frida Kahlo became an artist
David McCabe, Andy Warhol & Robert Rauschenberg
Art & PhotographyHow David McCabe’s intimate photos of Andy Warhol shaped the artist’s image
Destiny Adeyemi, Fat, Black, & Sad
Art & PhotographyDestiny Adeyemi’s new poem and short film explore being fat, Black, and sad
Gap x Dazed Header
Art & PhotographyGet to know the visual artists heading up the New Gen Gap initiative
Lethal Bizzle Dazed
MusicGrime TV station Channel U is returning to British airwaves
Cleon Grey’s SHEREN
Art & PhotographyCleon Grey’s book depicts a spiritual, life-changing journey in the desert
Wide Awakes, Kickstarter
Art & PhotographyWide Awakes launches Kickstarter to aid art and communities across US
For Freedoms, Infinite Playbook
Art & PhotographyAn online art book advises how to make a socially-distanced political stand
Bona, Charlottesville 2015
Art & PhotographyVisual activist Zanele Muholi on Black LGBTI South African representation
Marina Abramović, 7 Deaths of Maria Callas
Art & PhotographyMarina Abramović blames technology, not COVID, for disconnecting society
Art & PhotographyThe first book to extensively document African surfers and their culture
The Time We Call Our Own
Art & PhotographyThis exhibition celebrates global party scenes and shared escapism
Towards Utopia
Art & PhotographyThe new initiative raising money for Black trans people and sex workers
Louise Michel, Banksy's boat rescue
Art & PhotographyBanksy accuses coastguards of ignoring distress calls in the Mediterranean
Steven Montinar’s “Koupe Tet Boule Kay” (2020)
Art & PhotographyWhitney museum cancels exhibition after claims it exploited Black artists
Art & PhotographyThis art project asks people about the day the American Dream died for them
Banksy’s “Banksquiat (Black)” (2019)
Art & PhotographyRare Banksy art critiques commodification of Basquiat by commodifying him
Damien Hirst
Art & PhotographyDamien Hirst tries to buy Maurizio Cattelan’s banana, told no, makes one
Momo Okabe
Art & PhotographyMomo Okabe’s new book documents the insemination and birth of her child
Nicole Tersigni’s Men to Avoid in Art and Life
Art & PhotographyThis handy new book tells you which men to avoid in art and life
Paris Hilton Facebook
Art & PhotographyParis Hilton is an artist now
Screen Shot 2020-08-17 at 14.45.06
FashionHow to nab cheap Supreme and Palace garms this weekend in aid of Beirut
Futur Noir, Erykah Badu- Bourdeau (1)
Art & PhotographyThis exhibition spotlights two of hip hop photography’s great visionaries