Klara Kristin


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Klara Kristin Dazed 100
Photography Theo Sion, styling Alice Goddard

Klara Kristin was a painter’s assistant when she met Argentine director Gaspar Noé in a Paris club. Little did she know that their rendezvous would lead to her acting debut in Love, Noé’s most controversial film to date. In the film, which features unsimulated sex and cumshots in glorious 3D, Kristin plays carefree Omi, who gets entangled in a very messy affair with her neighbours. The Copenhagen-born actor had zero acting experience prior to starring in the film, but the project proved to be strangely therapeutic, ridding the 22-year-old of long-held insecurities around sensuality and sexual expression.

“Part of the project was to do away with body issues and the notion that sex is somehow shameful,” she told Dazed in her first-ever interview. “I’ve always been very shy about my body and it doesn’t seem right that I, as a perfectly lovely, nicely shaped human being, should walk around feeling ashamed of how I look. So it was about challenging myself to try and create a different morality around that.”

Enamouring Hedi Slimane with her elfin features and long blonde hair, Kristin scored another first – a modelling gig. Starring in Saint Laurent’s Surf Sound 2015 summer campaign alongside fellow actor Jack Kilmer, Kristin has been snapped across beds, grass and floorboards, in scenes all captured by Slimane himself.

Hedi Slimane is kind of mysterious,” she says. “My impression of the fashion world had always been that it’s very superficial, but then you meet him... He’s amazing. He has a great sense of humour.”

Traversing fashion and film with enviable fearlessness, Kristin’s is sure to be a face that we’ll see much more of.

Text Monique Todd