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Andi Galdi Vinko Paradisco Exhibition 2015
Photography by Andi Gáldi Vinkó

The young New York photographers reigning supreme right now

If you want to see the diversity of the city’s talent without leaving the warm glow of your Instagram feed then hit follow on these up-and-coming visionaries

In a city so creatively diverse as New York it’s hard to filter through and find authentic talent. It is arguably one of the most original and thriving (aside from London, of course) hotbeds of inspiration in the world, with a never-ending flow of young people cruising through the city streets, all hailing from an array of disciplines that are all as exciting as one another. For the sake of sanity here – otherwise this list could go on forever – I'm pinpointing a small pool of the best photographers the city is playing host to, whether they’re ciphering that magic into the work they do around the world or in amongst the city itself, here’s five of the ones to watch.


Originally hailing from Hungary, Andi Galdi Vinko really considers herself a citizen of the world due to the amount of travelling she does – whether editorial, commercial or personal, but usually splits her time between London and NYC. Her work blends a mix of portraiture, still life and street photography with a heavy dose of the absurd, which makes for even more fascinating viewing. For more, see her series “Paradisco” and keep an eye out for the hard copy version, we hear it’s coming soon.


Tyler Mitchell is part of a new generation of photographers reaching for an analogue camera over an iPhone filter. Looking to connect with real 'scenes', rather than just passing by, he recently visited Cuba to capture the emerging youth scenes there, namely a new skateboarding community. At just 20-years-old, there's a lot of promise here.


LA-native but New York-based Emmanuel Olunkwa is the one to watch if you're looking for insight and beautiful photographs of Instagram's cool kids. Most recently, Olunkwa went head-to-head with BFF Amandla Stenberg on the visibility and representation of PoC in the creative spheres.


A self-confessed storyteller, Olivia B's feed is an incredible collection of shots taken all across America and the world. From Portland to Las Vegas, New York and occasionally in London, B's work transcends the 2D image and takes you into a dreamy narrative of youth.


Capturing the spirit of the city's contemporary youth, Nadia Bedzhanova shot friends in a series of intimate personal portraits and nudes – and premiered them with us on Dazed. Her Instagram, while an extension of her work, also takes us into her own personal life, allowing us to ride off the excitement of being a young NY photographer.