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A new study reveals the horniest cities in lockdown

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With everyone trapped in their homes, it’s unsurprising that people are finding new ways to keep themselves (and their libidos) entertained. Since the beginning of lockdown, there’s been a huge surge in sex toy sales and virtual sex parties are now a thing. 

A new report by Online Casinos has found that there’s been a 22 per cent rise in searches on Pornhub in March compared to its monthly average in 2019, with 50 million (!) people searching the adult site in London alone. 

While we’d like to think that a big portion of this comes from CSM students streaming the new Margiela documentary, London definitely tops the charts for mainstream porn consumption (on Pornhub, at least). It’s followed in second by Birmingham at 823,000 and Glasgow at 550,000. The city with the lowest Pornhub searches is Cardiff, where only (?) 74,000 accessed the site last month. The study also found a 50 per cent increase in searches for sex toys and a 433 per cent rise in “long distance sex” searches across the UK in March. 

Pornhub is certainly keeping busy. Not only has the adult site made its premium features free for the entire world to combat isolation-induced boredom, it’s also released a campaign called ‘Scrubhub’, encouraging people to practice proper hygiene procedures and therefore limit the spread of the coronavirus.

UK sex workers have also launched a new campaign #WanksAsThanks on OnlyFans, giving out free content to NHS workers. Others can access the content for a monthly subscription of £5, with all proceeds going to the NHS coronavirus appeal.