Sex Work

The Naked Philanthropist selling nudes to help Puerto Rico
Life & CultureThe Naked Philanthropist is now selling nudes to help Puerto Rico
Louis Theroux Selling Sex documentary
Film & TVA sex worker honestly reviews Louis Theroux’s new documentary
Sex workers selling nudes to combat Australia’s wildfires
Life & CultureThe sex workers selling nudes to combat Australia’s wildfires
The Zola stripper film is finally here
Film & TVSex, murder, and a near-suicide: the Zola stripper film is finally here
Marianne Wilson
Science & TechHow performers are affected by PayPal pulling out of Pornhub
Sex workers denounce Louis Theroux’s Selling Sex documentary
Film & TVSex workers have denounced Louis Theroux’s new documentary
Louis Theroux: Selling Sex
Film & TVA new Louis Theroux documentary will explore the British sex industry
Harpies, the UK’s first LGBTQI+ strip club
Life & CultureInside the UK’s first LGBTQ+ strip club
Sistaaz of the Castle by Duran Lantink and Jan Hoek
FashionSee a group of transgender sex workers star in their fantasy fashion shoots
Cam Girl
Life & CultureHow becoming a cam girl transformed my self-esteem
Life & CultureSex workers condemn the ‘feminists’ secretly filming strippers in clubs
London Porn Film Festival 2019 - from the film No
Life & CultureWhy we run London Porn Film Festival despite protests, censorship, and hate
Robert Yang, Hurt Me Plenty
Science & TechExpressing your sexuality on Instagram is becoming impossible
James Bidgood’s Reveries
Art & PhotographyInside the photos of James Bidgood – the godfather of homoerotic fantasy
BRICKS magazine, issue six
Life & CultureBRICKS magazine’s body-focused issue is a rebel yell for self love
Sex work on International Women’s Day
Life & CultureSex workers now have a feminist movement on their side
OnlyFans love
Life & CultureHow OnlyFans is changing the landscape of queer love
DOPE’s issue four cover
Life & CultureThe anarchic arts and politics magazine for prisoners and homeless people
Urban Tiger
Life & CultureHow Bristol strippers won the right to keep their club open
Come Curious
Life & CultureThe podcast busting the stigma around sexual histories and pleasure
Revolting Prostitutes: The Fight for Sex Workers’ Rights
Life & CultureWhy sex workers deserve rights like any other workers
Film & TVThe neon-drenched cyber horror film about a cam girl
The New Romantic
Film & TVWatch the trailer for a new rom-com about sugar babies
Jenny Holzer
Art & PhotographyArt shows to leave the house for this month