Sex Work

Thurman Linh Mince Onstage
Life & CultureClub Chrome is Australia’s first sex worker-led pole collective
Life & CultureImagining a world where sex work is decriminalised
Marc Vallée, Documenting Thierry
Art & PhotographyPhotos that capture the everyday life of an anarchist sex worker
Liara Roux, Whore of New York 1
PoliticsSex workers warned us about the US right – now it’s time to listen
Heaux History Project Dazed Spring 2022
Life & CultureThe Chicago collective unearthing the history of Black erotic labour
Ellie English, does Monday work? (2022)
Art & PhotographyThis photo book documents the reality of life as full-service sex worker
Wanting You to Want Me 06
Art & PhotographyThis book captures the complex, unseen world of strip clubs
PoliticsStrip clubs have now officially been banned in Edinburgh
PoliticsStrip club ban: Edinburgh threatens to shut all sexual entertainment venues
Susan Meiselas, Carnival Strippers Revisited (2022)
Art & PhotographyRevisiting Susan Meiselas’ seminal photos of 1970s striptease performers
OnlyFans adult content ban
PoliticsThe UK government is pushing sex workers offline and into danger
Stevie Verroca and Mada Refujio, Exotic Dancer (2022)
Art & PhotographyIn pictures: American strippers share their experiences of dancing
PXL_20220308_182527254 (1)
PoliticsWhy sex workers went on strike this week
Photo from Mythical Creatures by Liad Hussein Kant
Art & PhotographyWhat would it be like if we decriminalised sex work?
Science & TechWhat will sex look like in the metaverse?
Film & TVWatch the trailer for chaotic new LGBTQ+ reality show Hot Haus
90s phone sex lines – Operator podcast
Life & CultureHorny dads, armed raids, and a coup: the wild story of phone sex in the 90s
Liara Roux, Whore of New York 1
Life & CultureLiara Roux on her confessional, capitalism-skewering book Whore of New York
Sex work Decrim Now protest
PoliticsWhy is offering support to student sex workers seen as radical?
Finesse (2021)
Film & TVFinesse: the must-watch series capturing the beauty of queer Black intimacy
Honeypot: sex worker-led adult site
Science & TechHoneypot is the sex worker-led site seizing porn’s means of control
Instagram ‘Favourites’ feature
Science & TechInstagram is testing a feature that will let you control your own feed
Sex worker financial discrimination protest
Science & TechOnlyFans ban: sex workers fight back against financial discrimination
Panties in space 1
Science & TechSex workers sent panties to space, now you can buy them as an NFT