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Pornhub launches hand-washing campaign, Scrubhub
Via Scrubhub

Pornhub is teaching you how to wash your hands

The adult site wants you to stay safe during the coronavirus crisis

As well as, obviously, the coronavirus, one thing has been on our minds the last few weeks of lockdown: sex. With everyone trapped in their homes, the chance of finding anyone to have sex with – couples aside – is slim, leading to a spike in sex toy sales and visits to porn sites. Ever the innovator, Pornhub is using this opportunity to encourage its increased audience to wash their damn hands.

The adult site has launched a new campaign called ‘Scrubhub’, encouraging people to practice proper hygiene procedures and therefore limit the spread of the coronavirus. The safe-for-work parody will feature hand-washing videos by both Pornhub models and everyday people – you can apply to be featured here – as well as livestream takeovers with musicians, comedians, and other performers.

According to the site, Pornhub “made Scrubhub to make people laugh in hopes of raising money for non-profit organisations that are helping people affected by COVID-19”. All money raised on Scrubhub will go to US-based non-profit organisations, Invisible Hands – which delivers groceries to those who are deemed high-risk – and Frontline Foods – which supports local restaurants by feeding workers on the frontlines of the crisis.

“We thought this presented a unique opportunity for Pornhub to bring some joy to something that has become so mundane and repetitive,” the site’s vice president Corey Price said in a press release. “Sometimes lighthearted content can be cathartic and help foster a sense of social cohesion. Let’s all come together and do our part to stay safe and ultimately defeat this virus.”

To launch Scrubhub, Pornhub partnered with Scott Buscemi, as well as Ani Acopian and Suzy Shinn, the creators of the perfectly dystopian (and, OFC, parody) Amazon Dating site. According to Scrubhub: “This website is absolutely the product of what happens when we have too much time on our hands while staying home.”

Videos on the parody site include, “Thick Anal Hunk Goes Slow and Deep in His Afternoon Quickie – Hands to Sink”, as well as, “Washing My Hot Fortnite Playing Stepbrother Brad As He Sprays Me Down!! *Wet Hot American Step-Siblings*”, and, “*Milf Alert* This Hot Mom is Ready to Turn the Hot Hot Heat On!!!!!!”

In its latest ‘coronavirus update’, Pornhub revealed that worldwide traffic to the site is much higher than before the pandemic. The peak increase of 24.4 per cent happened on March 25, just two days after the UK went into lockdown, and shortly after Pornhub offered free premium porn to the whole world.

Given every single person on Earth is wanking right now (no, I do not have the stats to back this up), Pornhub’s hand-washing tutorials are going to be more vital than ever – and perfect as a digestif to your, err, main course.

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