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Is David Lynch teasing a new TV series or film project?

The director says he’s working on something that may distract him from his increasingly popular YouTube channel

If you’ve been bored in lockdown, you clearly haven’t found David Lynch’s YouTube channel. The filmmaker has gifted us with a surge of idiosyncratic content, including a return to his daily weather reports, a video series about things he’s working on (see: tiny microphone stand), and some of his more obscure short films.

But now it looks like this love affair could be coming to an end, as Lynch has revealed he’s working on something that may distract him from his online content.

Speaking to The Daily Beast, Lynch hinted at a new TV or film project, as he declared that “there might be things coming along that would mean less time could be spent on the channel”.

Rumours have been swirling for a while of another return to the world of Twin Peaks. The cult series first aired in 1990, running for two seasons before being revived 26 years later for Twin Peaks: The Return

In 2018, Lynch teased a fourth instalment, telling a fan it was “calling, but there are a lot of disturbances”. Last September, the Hollywood Horror Museum – where Lynch’s daughter, Jennifer Lynch, is a board member – further fuelled rumours by tweeting: “Someone we know who is ‘in the know’ just let something very interesting slip about the future of Twin Peaks.”

These hints were followed by teasing posts from a number of cast members. Kyle MacLachlan (Agent Cooper) said on Twitter that he was “thinking about… donuts this morning”, referencing his character’s penchant for the snack. Michael Horse (Deputy Hawk) shared a photo of his character being shushed on Instagram, and Lynch himself reflected on Twitter about how much he loved shooting the show.

Though this is all speculation, Lynch’s producer Sabrina Sutherland, who manages his YouTube channel, referenced the iconic series in the interview with The Daily Beast, admitting that the pair “started talking about a YouTube channel right after Twin Peaks”.

According to Lynch, it wasn’t until the “beautiful” isolation of the coronavirus pandemic that his online presence could really take off. He said that before quarantine, he “would not want to schedule meetings before 11 in the morning”, but that now, he gets up “at 3:30AM, way before the birds”.

The filmmaker explained that YouTube “connects you with the world in a way”, adding that “you get inspiration and ideas, and away you go”. In recent months, Lynch has used his platform to show his support for the Black Lives Matter movement, adding that it “inspired him” to make statements of solidarity with those fighting for justice after George Floyd’s murder in May.

Speaking about diversity on his own shows and films, Lynch told The Daily Beast that “it would be wrong to put someone in a role for any other reason than they are perfect for the part”, but added that he “understands the frustration if people aren’t welcome to the table”. He also asserted that he’s “open for anything” and “would work with anyone if they were right for the part”.

You can keep up with Lynch’s weather reports and craft projects via his YouTube channel, here.