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David Lynch, YouTube
via YouTube/David Lynch Theater

David Lynch shares a dark, minute-long short film via YouTube

2011’s The 3Rs is about as chaotic and confusing as you’d expect it to be

During lockdown, David Lynch has blessed us with a surge of activity on his own YouTube channel, returning to his daily weather reports, sharing DIY tips (see: his handy tutorial on building a microphone stand), and uploading a Q&A in which he answers fan questions.

Lynch has also been using the platform to share some of his shorter, more obscure films, such as his most recent upload (July 2): 2011’s The 3Rs.

At just one minute long, the film was originally created as a trailer for the 2011 Vienna Film Festival, but that doesn’t mean the filmmaker held back.

Instead, the short is a characteristically chaotic affair, featuring a disturbing scene with a rubber duck, a man beating the (seemingly sentient) floor with a hammer, and a frankly horrific soundtrack of buzzing insects.

Other films on David Lynch’s YouTube channel include the first online release of 2015’s Fire (Pozar) – a 10-minute short written, directed, and animated by Lynch, with music by Marek Zebrowski – which was uploaded fairly early on the channel, May 20.

Watch The 3Rs below.