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David Lynch microphone stand
Via YouTube, David Lynch Theater

David Lynch teaches you how to make a microphone stand

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After returning with his daily weather reports last month – restarting the broadcasts after a ten-year hiatus – David Lynch launched a new YouTube series, aptly titled: “What Is David Working on Today?” The most recent episode is somewhat of a crossover, as the Twin Peaks director sets up a microphone stand to improve the audio of his weather reports.

“Some of you may already have heard that I got this microphone sent to me from KCRW Radio station,” opens Lynch. “So then I wanted to build a little stand, and so, this is the little stand that I built.”

The director then retrieves a small wooden stand – which looks a bit like a mouse trap – and shows viewers how the microphone slots onto it between two blocks of wood, before being secured by a pin.

“Then I said, ‘wait a minute, there’s so much dust up here and sunlight, maybe I need to make a little box to protect it’,” Lynch continued. “So I made this base first, and I made it out of cheap wood.” With a little giggle, Lynch then shows viewers the red spot where his stand slots perfectly into his base, before adding a protective wooden cover over it.

“I’m very happy to share this with you,” the filmmaker concludes. “Have a great day.”

Lynch recently used his YouTube channel to show solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement, conducting a weather report with a poster behind him that read, “Black Lives Matter”, “Peace”, “Justice”, “No Fear”. The Mulholland Drive director concluded his report before standing up to reveal the full sign, leaving it alone on-screen for over half the video.