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David Lynch weather report
via YouTube

Watch David Lynch give a very Lynchian weather report

The Blue Velvet filmmaker returns to weather broadcasts after a 10 year hiatus

Cast your mind back to the mid 2000s. It was a simpler time when the internet had barely taken off, social media wasn’t really a thing, and David Lynch did online weather reports for fun. That’s right, after the release of cinematic masterpieces like Mulholland Drive and Blue Velvet, the cult filmmaker turned his efforts to the almost always sunny weather of Los Angeles (is that... the point?) in the form of regular weather broadcasts.

Now, Lynch has returned with his first weather report in ten years. Released on the David Lynch Theater YouTube account, the simply titled “Weather Report 5/11/20” sees the filmmaker sat at his desk. Looking out the window, he observes that it’s “cloudy, some fog this morning”, before reassuring viewers that “this should all burn off pretty soon and we’ll have sunshine and 70 degrees”. He ends the 32-second broadcast with a simple, “have a great day”. An instant work of art.

Previous weather reports have seen Lynch use poetic turns of phrase like, “muted golden sunshine” and “some puffy white clouds”. Think of them like Bob Ross videos, but for meteorology.

Last month, Lynch became the subject of a stellar new Instagram account-slash-meme. Named @lynch_holding_ur_fav_movie, this account does exactly what it says on the tin – a picture of Lynch, standing in front of a chalkboard, holding your favourite film. You’re welcome. Meanwhile, the filmmaker is still shaken from his disastrous attempt at adapting Frank Herbet’s Dune in 1984, announcing that he has “zero interest” in watching Denis Villeneuve’s upcoming remake.

Watch the weather report below.