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Instagram of the Week: @lynch_holding_ur_fav_movie 2
Gummo (1997)@lynch_holding_ur_fav_movie

Instagram’s @lynch_holding_ur_fav_movie is exactly what you think it is

David Lynch holding the keys to our heart

Named @lynch_holding_ur_fav_movie, this account does exactly what it says on the tin – a picture of David Lynch, standing in front of a chalkboard, holding (potentially) your favourite film. Perfect in its simplicity, the page is run by an audiovisual student, videomaker, and self-appointed number one Lynch fan (who, in this instance, wishes to remain anonymous).

With the picture of Lynch the same in every post, only with a different film cover Photoshopped into his hand, the account spotlights an array of movies ranging from cult favourites such as Gummo, to contemporary classics including Parasite.

Inspired by a growing trend of Instagram accounts which depict notable people holding something – from Chandler from Friends to Dwight in The Office holding your favourite albums – @lynch_holding_ur_fav_movie started after its creator realised there was a lack of these accounts dedicated to the world of cinema. ”Famous people holding things are quite successful on Instagram at the moment,” they explain. “I noticed that most of these accounts are about music, and as a film lover, I decided to create one about movies.”

With over 7,000 followers, @lynch_holding_ur_fav_movie came into being after its creator found an image of Lynch holding a blu-ray copy of Eraserhead on the internet. Photoshopping this image to replace the blu-ray with the cover of the Joker, the page has now spotlighted 316 films, most of them watched by the account’s handler. 

The other films come from follower requests, while the page is also frequently reached out to by independent directors who send their films to be posted. But, alongside cinema, there is also, of course, the other major focus of the page: David Lynch. 

With a host of Lynch creations quite obviously making the cut, it is Mulholland Drive and the return of Twin Peaks which make up the creator’s favourite works by the cinematic legend. “I am his biggest fan,” they confirm, adding that if there was any film they could watch with Lynch it would be, Twenty Years Later ‘Cabra Marcado Para Morrer’ by Eduardo Coutinho. “It is a documentary about a film that was never completed due to Brazil’s military dictatorship,”they say. “I would love to hear Lynch’s views on this film and also on Brazilian cinema as a whole.”

As for their favourite movie of all time, the founder cites Bacurau, directed by Kleber Mendonça Filho and Juliano Dornelles, as their number one. Telling the story of a small town in northeastern Brazil which suddenly disappears from the map, @lynch_holding_ur_fav_movie calls the work a “cultural phenomenon” and “a necessary film that I recommend for everyone.”

Seeing as we are all cooped up indoors for the forseeable future, there really is no excuse: happy watching.