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David Lynch, What Is David Working on Today?
via YouTube/David Lynch Theater

David Lynch shares a new video series, What Is David Working on Today?

Watch the Twin Peaks director at work in his studio

Fans of David Lynch are likely to be familiar with his studio, if not from the intimate 2016 documentary on his life and work, The Art Life, then from his weather reports, which the Twin Peaks director has resumed during coronavirus quarantine. 

Now, Lynch has also shared a closer look at exactly what he’s up to in his Los Angeles space, in a YouTube video series titled: “What Is David Working on Today?”

Like his weather reports, the video series is pretty low-key, with the director talking straight to the camera about his current DIY projects, such as refurbishing a wooden sink. As always though, Lynch’s enthusiasm and obvious love for his work make talking about a “drain spout” much more interesting and heartwarming than it has any right to be.

Lynch also encourages viewers to share their own projects in the videos, saying: “I really enjoy hearing what you all are working on.” He himself has teased work on “the incredible checking stick” (whatever that is), which he hopes to share early next week.

Alongside his studio work, David Lynch has also recently featured in a series of talks about Transcendental Meditation, where he talks about his career, the role of intuition in making art, and of course meditation. His 2015 short film Fire (Pozar) was additionally given its first online release this month.

Find out what David Lynch is working on in the videos below.