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Twin Peaks

Is Twin Peaks actually coming back?

David Lynch, Kyle MacLachlan, and more, have been posting hints on social media

Grab yourself a damn fine cup of coffee because Twin Peaks might be returning to our screens. Last year, David Lynch hinted at the possibility of another instalment of the cult TV show, but some recent posts on social media further back pre-existing speculation.

Rumours began when the official Twitter account for the Hollywood Horror Museum tweeted: “Someone we know who is ‘in the know’ just let something very interesting slip about the future of Twin Peaks. If it’s true, we’ll be squealing and giddy in 2020!” Considering David Lynch’s daughter, Jennifer Lynch, is a board member of the museum, you can imagine the hype.

The museum’s tweet was also followed by an additional post by Kyle MacLachlan, who’s played the role of detective Dale Cooper since the franchise launched in 1990. “Love this dapper suit, but definitely thinking about…donuts this morning,” he posted on Twitter, referencing his character’s love of the doughy baked good. Additionally, Deputy Hawk’s Michael Horse posted a photo of his character being told to stay quiet.

Last month, Lynch himself posted on Twitter about how much he loves shooting in King County, Washington, where Twin Peaks is filmed. “We had a perfect place to shoot Twin Peaks and perfect people to work with,” he wrote two weeks ago (September 18). Meanwhile, cinematographer Peter Deming, who’s worked with Lynch for 20 years, has been posting photos on Instagram from the location.

Set 25 years after the murder of Laura Palmer, Twin Peaks: The Return finished its 18-episode run in September 2017. TV network Showtime confirmed after the finale that it was not in conversation with Lynch for an additional season.

Meanwhile, we’re still gassed for the premiere of the Log Lady documentary.