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Rihanna Loewe Fashion Nova
Courtesy of Fashion Nova

Good luck on your next venture J Dubs! Fashion Nova will take it from here

A pretender to the throne has emerged in the form of a flammable dupe of Rihanna’s Super Bowl look

When Rihanna took to the stage (and sky) last Super Bowl Sunday, she did so descending from the heavens in custom Loewe. The scarlet boiler suit and leather corset combo were designed by Jonathan Anderson, who later said that he was “so excited to have been part of this unforgettable moment”, and that “working with [Rihanna] to bring these stage looks to life feels like a wild, wonderful dream." But perhaps it’s time for the designer to hang up the cherub wings and put those anthurium flowers back into the wild – because Fashion Nova will take it from here, unfortunately. 

Working to a scarily speedy four-day turnaround, the fast fashion behemoth has created its very own version of Rih’s Super Bowl outfit and it’s quite something. The “100 per cent nylon”, “non-stretch”, “imported” cargo trousers are a far cry from the OG Loewe creations, and belong in a category all of their own. They’re currently being peddled for 24 quid on the retailer’s UK site, alongside their regular selection of plastic jeans and flammable bodysuits. 

It’s actually not that surprising, given the company’s track record. Last year it brazenly ripped off Glenn MartensJean Paul Gaultier collab, and the year before settled a lawsuit with Versace over a copy of its iconic J.Lo dress. And now, it’s back to doing what it does best, sponging off the image of another superstar. While Jonathan Anderson’s role is still very much secure at Loewe, there will be plenty more inspo to pilfer from when the designer debuts his AW23 womenswear collection at Paris Fashion Week later this month. Until then, check out what he debuted for the boys in the gallery above.

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