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Versace Jungle Dress Fashion Nova Lawsuit
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Versace and Fashion Nova’s lawsuit battle is over

The brands have settled the copyright case over the iconic J.Lo dress less than a week before the trial was set to take place

Less than a week before the trial was meant to start, the copyright and trademark infringement lawsuit between Versace and Fashion Nova has been settled. According to The Fashion Law, Judge Rozella Oliver said that the brands “agreed to a settlement in principle and will finalise the outstanding matters before the pretrial conference scheduled for July 16 with the district judge.” 

The case was first opened against the fast fashion brand in November 2019, with the Italian fashion house claiming its black and gold Baroque motif and the iconic J.Lo “Jungle Print” had been copied. Fashion Nova clapped back in January last year stating that the prints are “standard geometric figures and patterns,” and “widely used in the fashion/apparel industry”.

Then, came the exciting news that Donatella might have to testify at the trial, but it was unfortunately squashed quicker than you could say Versace with the brand stating that “requiring Ms. Versace to prepare and sit for a deposition would impose an undue burden.”

Although this case is now closed, it is among a slew of fashion-related lawsuits. While it has been delayed because of the coronavirus pandemic, the ongoing case of Nirvana vs Marc Jacobs is set to go to trial this year.