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TikTok Bella Hadid
TikTok (@@babybella777)

Fashion’s famous faces are finally landing on TikTok and we’re here for it

From Jacquemus’ offering us a glimpse of his enviable Provençal life to Bella Hadid trying to master dance routines in isolation

TikTok came crashing into our lives like a hurricane. Its chaotic and random feed, which features intricate dances, strange voice overs, and viral challenges, came to dominate the social media landscape last year, and now its biggest star boasts 44.4 million followers, and counting. 

Considering this, it wasn’t long before celebrities hopped on the trend too, and that they did in the weird and wonderful way they usually do things: in a bewildering state of confusion and entertainment. From Britney Spears giving us a lesson in how to arch our backs to Arnold Schwarzenegger riding a moped next to a mini horse, now it is over to a bevvy of fashion favourites who have been making their debut on the video app as of late. 

This isn’t too surprising, though, seeing as the worlds of fashion and TikTok have been colliding for sometime now. With its users utilising the platform to showcase their design skills to some of its most prevalent faces making their fashion debuts in the form of Noen Eubanks fronting a Celine campaign and Charli D'Amelio attending this season’s Prada show, now everyone from Jacquemus to Paloma Elsesser have succumbed to the addictive app.

With Bella Hadid showing us we are not the only ones going slightly crazy in quarantine as we master 20-step dance routines to some of Tiktok’s most popular songs and Olivier Rousteing giving us a glimpse into his design studio, here we round up the finest fashion content Tiktok has to offer. 


Making her account public last week, Bella Hadid’s TikTok is a beautiful place of solace that reminds us, no matter where we are the in world during this lockdown, how lonely we may feel, or how bored we might be, there is also someone else out there staring wildly into the camera trying to learn the dance to “Say So” by Doja Cat with the sound not working. 


Another fortress of solitude, enter Paloma Elsesser’s humble account which boasts only two videos and 104 followers. Filming in her living room while wearing tracksuit bottoms and her hair wrapped up, Elsesser provides her take on the “Savage” by Megan Thee Stallion Dance, which is (apparently) incredibly difficult (not that we’ve tried it or anything). 


This video is so incredibly pure. One small chiquito bag singing “Some Like You” by Adele to a choir of other small Chiquito bags. Jacquemus’ whole TikTok feed helps to remind us why we love him so much. And also provides a tiny bit of escapism during these times because, where the fuck is this? And why are we not there?


Featured on the American actor Tommy Dorfman’s TikTok, Kaia Gerber is really giving us the energy we all feel and deserve right now. One of someone who has completely given up and has nothing left to give. Dancing with Cara Delevingne, the pair give the saddest performance of “Oops!... I Did It Again” by Britiney Spears, and honestly, same.


Olivier Rousteing’s TikTok is a treasure chest of treats. From giving us a peer into his designing process, to creating a Balmain army, and doing some very energetic dancing, this account is clearly very devoted too and looked after, for that, we can only sit back and admire. 


In between dancing to Ashnikko’s “Stupid” with boyfriend Cody Simpson and posting some TBT content from the chaotic days of Miley Cyrus circa 2013, there is also a video of her walking the Marc Jacobs AW20 show. As a surprise model, Cyrus took over the catwalk in a bra and hip hugging black trousers, while dragging a zebra print jacket on the floor. 


Invited to attend Prada’s AW20 show in Milan, Charli D’Amelio recruited four of brand’s models to dance to “What The Hell” by Avril Levigne. The result is an oddly mesmerising clip, along with this other video, filmed in the doorway of the show’s red set, the whole thing really does feel like it could be cut from a scene in the Black Lodge from David Lynch’s Twin Peaks. Simpler times.