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Celebrities on TikTok

The most bizarre, blessed, and iconic celebrity TikTok moments

From Miley Cyrus in a washing machine to Britney Spears doing... Britney Spears, we select some of the best celebrity TikToks

It was only a matter of time until Hollywood joined the TikTok hype. The video platform, which skyrocketed to mainstream recognition last year, is home to funny dance challenges, weird trends, hoax videos, and political activism. Think: strapping watermelons to your feet as part of the Louboutin challenge, or dancing to your shitty ex boyfriend’s voicemails. Whatever your interest, people around the world are leaving behind Instagram’s curated grid and the shitshow that is Facebook in favour of the platform, so it’s only natural celebrities are following suit.

Below, we pick out some of the most bizarre, blessed, and iconic celebrity moments. Enjoy.




These poses help me everyday become stronger and it’s quite fun doing them .... !!!!

♬ original sound - britneyspears

Sometimes you just gotta exercise! Pop star and amateur painter Britney Spears’ TikTok is hands down one of the weirdest things I’ve ever seen. In this video, we see the “Toxic” singer talk us through her daily yoga routine before balancing herself in the arms of a beefy instructor to the sound of “Fields of Gold” by Sting. If that’s not strange enough, check out the video of her posing in front of a mirror to Edith Piaf’s “La vie en rose” (“My favourite French song!!!”).


This is basically the extra version of the dude in the club who buys you a drink without harassing you, only it’s Post Malone and he’s holding a comically large Bud Light box stuffed to the brim with $1 bills. You can only imagine the amount of random club bros waiting for the moment Malone’s tattooed hand reaches across the dance floor to bestow them with a stack of $.


There’s not much to say with this one other than it’s Miley Cyrus in a washing machine.



All hail the reigning TikTok queen Laura Dern. The actor made her platform debut at the end of last year on her daughter Jaya Harper’s account. In it, the Little Women star literally pushes Jaya out of frame to complete the TikTok dance to “Say So” by Doja Cat. We’re waiting in anticipation for round two.


This is what lo-fi video dreams are made of. Recognised as the clip that brought blue-haired rapper Ashnikko to the mainstream, this seconds-long video sees Cyrus and her boyfriend Cody Simpson dance to TikTok viral hit “Stupid” in a bathroom. Famous people, eh.


There’s a very particular joy in seeing celebrities making TikToks to their own music. In this example, pop royalty Ariana Grande is partaking in the #SideToSide challenge (named after her song of the same name), while riding a kids bicycle in what appears to be a Homebase store – all while wearing some pretty out-there glasses. I’m confused, but happy.



When I’m sad or alone, what I like to do is channel my inner Megan Thee Stallion. By that I mean: sometimes you just want to wear a black latex mini and sport a bright orange wig. Is that too much to ask? “Hot Girl Summer” might be over, but a girl can still dream.


First there was Bonnie and Clyde, and then Thelma and Louise, but here’s an iconic duo I never knew I needed: Arnold Schwarzenegger and his miniature pony. I don’t know what makes this so compelling – maybe it’s the pure comedy of having Schwarzenegger (big!) and miniature pony (smol!), or perhaps it’s the novelty of the actor having a tiny equine creature. Regardless, I’m obsessed.


Prodigious flutist, keeper of tiny bags, and 100 per cent that bitch, Lizzo could literally do anything and I’d watch. In this instance, the “Truth Hurts” singer is eating a spoonful of coconut oil to (you guessed it) her track “Coconut Oil”. Very entertaining.



I’m calling you out Offset. Meet you on @tiktok. 11/29. 12p PST. ##sponsored

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It’s common internet practice that domestics are not to be aired out in public (this isn’t Facebook circa 2007), but we make an exception for Cardi B, especially when she’s challenging her husband, the rapper Offset, to a wrap battle – I mean, literally a ‘wrapping’ paper battle. “Whoever loses got to buy all the Christmas decorations, all of them. The one in New York, the one in Atlanta too,” she says to camera, adding: “Are you scared of wifey?” He should be.