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Lizzo tiny Valentino handbag VMAs

The biggest winner of the AMAs was Lizzo’s ridiculously tiny bag

Just big enough for her ‘fucks to give’

Cast your mind back to February of this year and you might recall Jacquemus sending a series of miniscule, highly-memeable bags down the runway as part of his AW19 collection. By that point, fashion had been obsessed with tiny bags for a while, but the French designer’s brilliantly ridiculous iteration seemed to signify we’d reached the peak of the trend. Reader: we hadn’t. Step in Lizzo

Last night, at the 2019 American Music Awards, the musician landed on the red carpet carrying a nanoscopic purse that made Jacquemus’s micro-Le Saq Chiquito  look positively hefty. Paired with a flouncy, multi-tiered orange dress, the bag in question was the work of Valentino, and according to Lizzo, there are only three in existence.  

But what was in it? “A got tampons in here, a flask of tequila, condoms,” she told a reporter as she arrived at the awards ceremony, before she later uploaded a post to Instagram in which she explained it was actually “just big enough for my fucks to give”.

The musician missed out on three awards on the night: New Artist of the Year, which went to Billie Eilish, Favourite Female Artist (Soul and R&B) to Beyoncé, and Favourite Song (Soul and R&B) to Khalid – but, for us at least, her lewk was the winning one of the night.