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Jacquemus tiny bag Paris Fashion Week AW19
Backstage at Jacquemus AW19Photography Christina Fragkou

OK Jacquemus, your tiny bags are getting kind of ridiculous now

LOL but also totally LOVE

The year of our Lord 2018 was dominated by two major trends: sneakers that could only be referred to as ABSOLUTE UNITS (in awe, obvs), and handbags so small you could barely fit a lipstick and your credit card in them.

Though his sexy La Bombas seemingly wouldn’t be seen dead in a clompy kick – preferring to strut their way through life in a pair of barely-there strappy sandals with all manner of geometric sculptures in place of heels instead – for the most part, it was Jacquemus that propelled the tiny bag trend forward. The French designer’s Le Saq Chiquito, with measurements of just 10cm x 8cm, was perhaps the most-coveted of all the tiny bags, with the likes of Rihanna and Kim Kardashian both seen clutching them between their thumb and forefinger, and lengthy waiting lists around the world for those desperate to get their hands on one.

Cut to now, and it would appear the craze for the latter isn’t going anywhere: at least, not if Simon Porte-Jacquemus has anything to do with it. Following the launch of his miniscule Le Vanity Micro earlier this month, which you’d be hard pushed to get more than a stack of eight £1 coins into (trust us: we have seen this IRL), you’d be forgiven if you thought we’d hit peak tiny bag. Forgiven, but totally, totally wrong.

Making its debut at the designer’s AW19 show tonight in Paris – which saw him turn the showspace into a trop jolie rustic village, complete with market stalls piled high with organic produce, and brightly coloured washing hanging from clothes lines – was an even tinier iteration of Le Saq Chiquito. Having previously been sent to fashion editors by way of an invitation to the presentation, though if you blinked you’d have likely missed it, the smaller-than-palm-sized bag also ended up being carried down the runway by a number of models – meaning that, come AW19, it’s likely it will actually be hitting shelves, too.

But what exactly can you fit into it? Following some deliberation in the office, which resulted in answers including: ‘my remaining brain cells post-weekend bender’, ‘the chances of avoiding a fuckboy on Tinder’, and ‘my will to live’ (u ok hun?), your guess really is as good as ours. Hold tight for SS20, when it’s likely they’ll be microscopic. To which we say: sign us up.