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A Yeezy model has been arrested for stealing from a dead man

One half of the Clermont Twins, Shannade Clermont, is accused of committing the fraud

In January of this year, Kanye West built upon the already innovative paparazzi-style ads for his Yeezy 6 campaign by unleashing a series of clones to recreate Kim K’s ‘candid’ poses. These ‘clones’ included the ex-Bad Girls Club reality stars and well known Insta personalities Shannon and Shannade Clermont (better known, collectively, as the Clermont twins). Then, in June, West released another selection of images for his Yeezy Supermoon campaign, once again featuring the Clermont twins, this time in a semi-nude embrace. But if you thought that was controversial...

On July 11, 2018, the Southern District of New York sent out a press release detailing some pretty serious charges against Shannade: a 2017 meeting for sex work that allegedly ended in the information from two of the client’s bank cards being stolen and used for over $20,000 dollars of fraudulent purchases, including clothing and other goods, plane tickets, rent, and phone bills.

To make things worse, the victim was found dead from a drug overdose on the morning of February 1, 2017, the day after his rendezvous with Clermont on January 31 – coincidentally, the Yeezy 6 clone campaign dropped a year later to the day. His death is what led to the discovery of the fraud – a man using his credit card months after his death is likely to arouse suspicion.

While she’s not implicated in the man’s death, Clermont could face a maximum of 20 years in prison for wire fraud, 15 years for access device fraud, and a mandatory minimum sentence of two years for aggravated identity theft, leaving behind a skyrocketing career as an influencer, model, and fashion designer at the twins’ self-launched label Mont Boudoir, if found guilty.

The twins were pictured outside court on the 11th, decked out – ofc – in plenty of designer brands. Maybe not one for the ‘gram, though.